Sunday, June 5, 2016


Nordstrom Giveaway (June)
Giveaway Starts ===> June 20 @ 8 AM PST
Nordstrom Giveaway starting June 20

Prize: $200 Nordstrom Gift Card
Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Re Introducing myself & my new life

Wow, it's been a very long time since I've last had the chance to get on my blog and actually blog about something. If you followed me before you know I was into couponing and reviews of all sorts of different products I received for free. Let me start by saying, hi my name is Valerie and I am no longer that couponing gal (maybe sometimes) I am an NPC bodybuilder. I compete in muscle contest in the bikini division. My journey to become an IFBB Pro has drastically taken a lot of my time away from couponing. Let me make it quick on how this all started.....

It all began back in February of 2013 when my boyfriend and I decided to change our "lifestyle" in other words make healthier food choices & lose weight. We committed ourselves to the "Insanity" program for 90 days. I wish I knew how much he weighed in before the program, but I weighed in at 145 lbs. Everyday was a challenge for the both of us. As soon as I got home I quickly changed into my comfortable clothes to sweat in and turned on the insanity program. Long story short after we both completed our 90 days I lost a nearly 22 lbs weighing in at 123 lbs. It was a challenge alright. Mind you at the time I was 25 years of age and just wanted to live a healthier life.

After the program I signed myself up at our only local gym to maintain and build muscle. I didn't really have anything in mind as in trying to compete or for any other reason I was doing it for myself. I continued to workout at the gym until June of 2015 I was on my Instagram ( @diamond_love8 ) & received a strange "follow" from a male body builder competitor. I was nosy of course after all he was following my page. Read his bio where it stated, "transformation specialist". I immediately thought to myself what does that EXACTLY mean? I decided to message him and I received a quick response. I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he was a competitor. Our conversation ended up something like this, "Have you ever thought about competing?" I immediately thought oh wow, maybe I can take my weight loss success and take it to the next level. I was working out at the gym just cause and I was done with insanity lets see what this is all about. By the end of our conversation, as crazy as it sounds he convinced me to compete. I couldn't believe what I was doing nor did I know what I was getting myself into, but what the heck I had already PayPal'd him a payment to "prep" me for my first bikini competition.

My competition prep last from July 2015- October 15, 2015. I would explain to you what I went through, but maybe I'll make that into a blog post for another time. The day had come to an end. It was competition day in Culver City, CA. I knew nothing about anything. I made a few bikini friends who till this day I still communicate with. I competed against 9 girls and placed 4th. Reminder only the top 5 received a trophy. It was the best day of my life. I had never earned a trophy more so just for working out and looking great on stage. I indulged so many sweets and foods I craved the entire prep time. But it was all worth it. Now I'm here a month away from being a year and already working on my 3rd show.

This little introduction to how it all began doesn't stop here. So stay tuned for my next post!

**Cheers to a fit life**