Friday, September 11, 2015

Reviewsio Coming Soon! Apply now!

I have been a member of Amazon for such a long time. I've bought numerous of different countless items and yes they were all great quality. Shipping prices were great the items that I have bought I still have up to this day. I love Amazon. Amazon is well known across the country for the best prices on all sorts of things. Kitchen appliances, books, shoes, clothes you name it they have it. Now if I were to tell you that you can now get free things, review them and keep them. Sounds good right. If you love reviewing just like I do this is totally for you! Let me talk to you about something amazing coming soon!

Amazon will be launching a new site called, Reviewsio. What is Reviewsio? Keep reading this you'll thank me later. Reviewsio is a program, through Amazon, where they will send you free stuff just for your opinion. I don't know about you, but I love reviewing and if I can get things for free I'm all in for it! Reviewsio will be launching October 1, 2015. They are looking for talented and honest reviewers to start off. Are you interested? Sing up now HERE and get on their list. Good luck and lets start reviewing!