Friday, September 11, 2015

Reviewsio Coming Soon! Apply now!

I have been a member of Amazon for such a long time. I've bought numerous of different countless items and yes they were all great quality. Shipping prices were great the items that I have bought I still have up to this day. I love Amazon. Amazon is well known across the country for the best prices on all sorts of things. Kitchen appliances, books, shoes, clothes you name it they have it. Now if I were to tell you that you can now get free things, review them and keep them. Sounds good right. If you love reviewing just like I do this is totally for you! Let me talk to you about something amazing coming soon!

Amazon will be launching a new site called, Reviewsio. What is Reviewsio? Keep reading this you'll thank me later. Reviewsio is a program, through Amazon, where they will send you free stuff just for your opinion. I don't know about you, but I love reviewing and if I can get things for free I'm all in for it! Reviewsio will be launching October 1, 2015. They are looking for talented and honest reviewers to start off. Are you interested? Sing up now HERE and get on their list. Good luck and lets start reviewing!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Schwarzkopf Ultime Product Review #influenster

Frizz be!!!! Ugh. How many times do I have to say this with every hair product I've purchased? You won't believe how many. So lets move on. The past is the past. Time to let go. I've recently had the opportunity to test out one of the most incredible hair products that I wish existed way before I spent all this mula on hair frizz control products that didn't even work on my hair. Thank you Influenster .Schwarzkopf Ultime would be another one of those product failures again. But knowing how desperate I was of getting rid of this frizz I gave it a shot. I don't wanna sound to specific so lets make some short cuts here. The size of this bottle is great. Easy to snap on and snap off the top to squeeze the shinanigans out. The lather was ok. The consistency of the amount used on my hair wasn't as I expected. I have long thick hair so I had to use more than usual. Which is ok now that I've had enough experience with this product. The smell, oh boy did it smell so yummy. It has this rich sense to it I cannot explain how amazing it smells. The conditioner is just as great. Again had to use a little more than usual. After towel drying my hair you won't believe how quick I mean QUICK it dried. Like I mentioned before, I have long thick hair. Long as in down past my buttocks so yeah. For my hair to have dried in less than 5 mins was super awesome. After my shower I used the hair serum which oh em gee smells amazing. Can I just mention how freaking great these products smell. Like why don't they make all hair products smell this great? It is also a hair protectant which is great. I love to keep my hair nice and healthy. And the smell stays on all day. Trust me I've tried this already lol. Left my hair nice soft silky and guess what? Frizz free guys. Yes! Frizz free. I am going to admit right now. I love an honest review. I hate reading something and going out to spend money on something that really doesn't work. This does work. Schwarzkopf does work for frizzy hair.
 I was skeptical whether to believe this
You can purchase this at your local WalMart and check out their other different hair products. They have a line full of other stuff to check out. Over all I give this product a 10/10.
#WeLoveSchwarzkopf #contest #influenster

 Top picture is before
This is after. Nice and soft silk and frizz free!