Monday, July 21, 2014

Balance Bar review & Walmart trip PLUS a #Giveaway

As many of you know I love fitness. I've been in the fitness life for over a year and a half now and love my results. Like they say, once you start to see results, it becomes addicting. Addicting to eating clean and working out even if it's just a walk around the corner. The effort of doing so is what counts the most.

During this journey of mine I noticed consuming sweets was going to be harder to let go than I had imagined. Even though eating clean was a big change I had to cut down on the sugar way more than what I thought. Sugar is one of the best known foods to create fat. Many people think calories is a big gain factor, but its not, sugar is. You need calories to build that muscle. So, I did my research and found out that Balance Bars was going to be not only the best bar to consume without any worries, but also a nutritional bar for lasting energy. Something every fit individual wants.

Balance Bars was created in Santa Barbra, CA in 1992. It was created by people who care about great taste and good for you nutrition. They are available to buy at over 10 local stores including online retailers. You can find out a lot more about Balance Bars on their website at . Where there you can also sign up for their newsletter where you can stay up to date about Balance Bars and much more.

I was able to try out 2 different Balance Bar flavors that I've never tried before, cookie dough and peanut butter. Now what girl is going to say no to those two flavors? I love cookie dough and I love peanut butter, I literally have to have at least 3 full spoons of peanut butter everyday. That's not including the peanut sandwich I also have every morning (guilty). I bought these two boxes at my local WalMart for under $5.00. Very very affordable for such a great bar.  I loved everything about both flavors. They're filling which is a good thing for me. The cookie dough has little pieces of chocolate in them which is awesome. Chocolate fix right there all in a nutritious bar. You can also see how creamy and delicious the peanut butter bar looks. It's just so heavenly with absolute no regrets.

When it comes to the nutrition facts I always and never miss over looking at what I will be consuming. The first thing I look at is the sugar grams. If it exceeds over 25 grams of sugar I will not buy the product. Balance Bar surprised me when I seen it only had 17 grams of sugar. Not bad for someone like me who is cutting out the sugars. I also noticed that it had a long list of vitamins and iron. I always look at the iron percentage as well. And the best part is the protein grams. Also contains an excellent source of antioxidants.  I can't consume any product without it having enough protein so with that said all in all I give these 2 amazing bars a thumbs up.

One of the most common topics I also wanted to cover was workout clothes. I know many of us are on tight budgets trust me I know because I'm always on the hunt for a good bargain when it comes to workout clothes. But one of my top places I would recommend is WalMart. Walmart always has the best prices. I've compared both price and quality and let me tell you this place has won. I kid you not the shirt to the left was on clearance for $1.00. I love a regular tshirt for my workout days. It's loose no need to worry about any tight fitting. You can work out comfortably. To the right I have a racer back shirt that I fell in love with. It was $5.49. That's a great price for a shirt like that. I compared it to a store where they sell clothing like this and I wouldn't pay $13 bucks for this. The shorts are also amazing. It has a slight tight band around the waist so they won't fall which is a plus for me. They are very comfortable and not tight. I like loose clothing because you can actually do your workouts. They were under 6 bucks. Great price once again. Shorts like these would range around almost 10 bucks. Again, that's not what I'm willing to pay. With an easy 10 bucks and some change I was able to buy 2 tops and a pair of shorts at WalMart for workout clothes. Make no excuses. You can also check out their website at and sometimes you can find clearance workout clothing too. 
In conclusion, Balance Bars are really my favorite go to bar. Not only does it kill my sweet cravings, but its nutritional, indulging and best of all affordable. You can't go wrong with an affordable product when trying to lose weight or get fit. I personally love it because it contain protein that I need on a daily basis for muscle gain. 

Now for the giveaway!! One lucky winner will receive a $10.00 gift card along with a box filled with a variety of my favorite Balance Bars. WOW. What a better way to start off your journey. Go ahead and enter for your chance to win. 

Note: I was with monetary value or product value. I received a WalMart giftcard as part of a sponsored collaboration with Balance Bar and WalMart.