Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tide to Go Review #influenster

Here come the bells here come the bells. It's wedding season, YAASS! I said it wedding season. An awesome gf of mine just got married last week and took a honey moon trip to Cabo. One of my child hood friends is getting married in September and another one of my child hood friends is getting married in November. Whew. It's all over the place this year with wedding season, but its always exciting to see a couple who you know will enjoy their lives together for ever.

One of my favorite parts of a wedding has to be the food! I love food, but I am also a messy gal. Pass the bib please. My boyfriend always tells me not to wear white or any light colors or we will be needing a bib for me. Do I ever listen, nope. And what happens to me? I end up staining my cute clothes. Ugh! So, I decided to prepare myself this time around and brought the amazing Tide To Go pen with me.

We decided to head to Joes Crab Shack for lunch while we were out the day before the wedding. It was just us and the newlyweds and ofcourse all the grooms and bridesmaids. I ofcourse wore a white with blue strip maxi dress that I was going to wear even though I knew it would turn out to be a messy lunch. I took my Tide to Go pen with confidence because I knew I could count on it.
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Can you see I even got a bib on. Lol that was a classic moment. I enjoyed my amazing lunch grubbing and making a mess. I did end up staining the leg part of my dress, but it was no biggie. I happily pulled out my pen and began to erase the stain off and it came off. The bride was in shock. Her inner bridezilla came out and tried to steal my stain eraser pen, but I ended up hiding it from her. I was so happy I was able to enjoy this lunch without any worries. The Tide to Go pen is a life saver for me. It fits in my purse without taking up any space. It's easy to use and works instantly. Literally second to come off. For the next wedding I know what I'll be packing along with me.

Thank you Influenster for this complimentary product sent to me for testing purposes.