Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Makeup Forever Mat Velvet & Full Coverage Concealer Review

Well hello there beautiful, thanks for stopping by. Today's review is my favorite I shall say. Let me give you all a little background to how this review came about. I only review the BEST makeup out there. So please sit down and relax. Lol because this is about to get good.

So last week I went to my Sephora to look for a full coverage foundation. I have oily skin on my face so trying to find that without help was going to be a mission. So my first color match was done by a guy. My theory about guys and makeup, they're better than us women. Hands down. So anyways, he matched me to the Kat Von D tattoo foundation which is supposed to be the best full coverage right now. At the store yes the color matched. I was excited to wear it the next day to work. And I did....looking like a ghost from the grave. Ugh. Great. Another trip to Sephora. So a couple days later I go back. Different gal tells me that with the Kat Von D foundation is a bit tricky. You either match it or you don't So, she recommended me the Clinique foundation. Matched me, took it home and again couldn't wait to try it in the morning for work. Again, the biggest fail. I look pale and oh my goodness it didn't fit me at all. Went back to Sephora the next day BUT to a different Sephora. Told them my annoyance of coming for the 3rd time. She said sit down I know the perfect foundation for you. And she brought out the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet foundation. Tried it on and wow, perfect match. I asked her then how I needed a full coverage under eye foundation. She then came out with the Makeup Forever concealer. Bam perfect match. I guess 3rd time is a charm for some of us. Anyways here is my picture after applying the makeup on. My skin looks flawless, fresh and I just feel wonderful. Makeup Forever is my new best friend.

Here is my flawless picture. I have very dark under eye circles and you can't tell I do on here. I did not touch up anything this is the original photo. Very amazing products. Very satisfied and happy that I bought these items.

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