Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bath & Body Works Candle Review

Have you ever bought a candle that was highly recommended by You-Tubers or those "advertisers" whom claim to so be "obsessed" with an "amazing" candle? Yeah I think we've all been there before. Well, on Monday  I decided to stop by Bath and Body Works to check out their candles. This week you can grab their 3 wick candles 2/$22 each one is individually priced at $22.50 and above. I wasn't going to buy any candles because I really didn't need them nor did I believe they give that aroma I expect. And for that price I really expected a lot from their candles. Anyways, I smelled almost all of their candles and I only liked, not love, 2 scents, Hawaiian Hibiscus and Red Guava Lava. The only ones that caught my attention. Anyways, got home and turned on the Hawaiian candle first. I couldn't get the wick to turn on so I kept trying to turn on the wicks. After my 4th attempt I finally started them off. I loved the look of the wicks burning it looked very relaxing and just something I can stare at. At first I didn't smell anything at all. I let an hour pass and still nothing. I left it on over night to see if something would give off and it did...just a little. I was kind of disappointed because I knew it was too good to be true. But then again some of you may have experienced differently than I have.

So for their candles overall I would give them a 7/10. The presentation of the candle and the look of them I rate them a 10/10. Their pricing for the candle I rate them a 5/10. Reason being is because who would want to pay over 20 bucks for a candle that's not really going to give a strong scent? I want my money's worth. I would honestly pay the most 8 bucks for this candle if I were to give it it's worth. I truly believe if anyone is going to be honest about a product I would be the first to raise my hand. Thank you for stopping by!

This post is in no way sponsored. I purchased these products with my own money. All opinions are my own 100% honesty.

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