Monday, December 30, 2013

Walgreens Shopping trip 12/30

Here is my trip to Walgreens. The last Monday of the year is almost to an end. I wasn't going to go to Walgreens, but couldn't help it since I hadn't gone coupon shopping there in 2 weeks due to the holidays. I had to push myself away from couponing to spend time with family.

Note: No RRs were used to help me with the first transaction since I didn't have any to use. I also didn't use my Balance Rewards because I like to accumulate those for "emergencies" when I don't have enough coupons for a transaction or I need a backup.

Transaction #1
*I-Cool- $10.00
Got $10.00 back in RR

Transaction #2
*AZO- $6.00
*(2) Almay lip products B1G1 50% off
(Note: Make sure to use the $2.00 off all Almay cosmetics in store coupon from their monthly coupon book found at the front of the store where their store ads are located. This coupon will reduce $4.00 from your total)
*Crest Pro-Health mouthwash- $2.99
*Red-Line Power Shot Xtreme $2.99
*Fuse- $5.99
*Carmex- $3.99

Total without coupons: $30.94
Total after $10.00 RR $20.94
Total after coupons $12.94

I got $1.25 RR from the crest pro health, $3.00 from the Redline, $6.00 from the AZO, $6.00 from the Fuse and 1,000 Balance rewards from the Carmex. It should be a super great start next week for my Walgreens trip with a total of $16.25 in Register Rewards! Spent a total of $22.94 for what would have totaled me to $45.43. Always remember to use your Walgreens card to get their sale prices.


Suzie's Deals Shopping Haul

I love me some Suzie's Deals. I don't go there very often but when I do I take my time to really look for stuff. Here's what I got.

All of these clothing items are from Forever 21. I would know because of the tags and because I shop at Forever 21. They destroy the tags as part of their store policy of selling other stores clothing I guess I don't know, but what I do know is they are all from Forever 21. I got a white coat super cute for $8.99 I also got a blue super soft, warm and cozy coat that was clearence without even knowing it, $7.99. Yeah I know, what a good price. It's one of those heavy coats too. Great quality. I also got a black and grey cardigan for $11.99, a sequence sweater/shirt for $7.99 and a black long sleeve for $4.99. $42.95 for everything isn't bad especially 2 coats that are from Forever 21. I know this would have cost me over $100 bucks at Forever 21 so can't beat that!

Rue 21 Shopping Haul

If you went to Rue 21 last month, they were giving out Rue Bucks to those who spent a certain amount to qualify for their Rue Bucks. I had spent about $80.00 when I had gone and received 20 Rue Bucks to use starting the 25th of this month all the way til January 5th. I was near my closest Rue 21 so I took advantage. The coupon said I was able to get $20.00 off $40.00 dollars worth of stuff from clearance to regular price to anything in the store. I was excited because every time I go there I come out with awesome deals especially from their clearance section. Ever since I went from a size Medium/Large to Extra Small/Small I am able to find a lot more stuff than before. I went in the store without calculating anything I pinkie promise. Once I got to the checkout I landed on $40.99 how awesome was that! I was lucky. But here is what I got.

Lucky me! They had all their outwear down to 50% off got that nice coat for $15.00 originally $29.99. The two yoga pants that I'll be using for sleeping, lounging around the house or even working out in for $9.00 each originally $16.99. And that beautiful blue cardigan that I had been looking for all day today to use as my NYs outfit was on sale for $8.00 bucks originally $19.99. So in retail everything would have totaled to $83.96 with all sale prices it was $40.99 sub total. Minus the $20 Rue Bucks got everything for $20.99. I was left in "Awe" I kid you not.  I felt like a champion and of course like I scored something fantastic which I did. =)

After Christmas Shopping: Wal-Mart Christmas stuff

This is my haul from Wal-Mart. I picked this up last week on Saturday. Didn't really buy much because 50% off is not a good deal to me especially when everywhere else is up to 75% off. With the exception of Walgreen's because they too are still at 50% off. But anyways, here is my picture.

It's not much I know, but again it was only half off. The bows were a buck and some change. The box sets were 3 bucks each the paper were 3 bucks as well and the set was $4.49 I believe. I threw away my recipt so I'm trying to remember. But there it is. Thank you for reading.

After Christmas Shopping: Christmas Decor/Christmas stuff at Target and CVS

Get ready...get set....Goooooooooooo
After Christmas sales are better than black Friday, I know so! Lol. I had been reading on bloggers posts about Target and CVS having the best prices right now at this moment for all Christmas stuff. So, I went today drove half an hour to get to the closest Target and CVS. I know, how crazy is that? But, I will tell you it was worth the drive. Here is what I got.

Just to name some prices the 2 little owl dog sweaters below were retailed at CVS for $7.99 and I was lucky that I found them in my Yorkies size, they were the last 2, anyways they were $1.99 each. The socks next to them were $3.99 got them for $.99 cents. Oh you have to check this out, those (3) 2 ft trees behind there were priced at $12.99 and I scored them for $3.25 yeah I know, what a steal. They were such a good price that I took the last 3. The 2 white tree cones that are hiding back there on the top are super cute for decor around the house. Got the last (2) priced at $14.99 and paid $3.75 for each one. And last but not least from CVS in the green box to the left are pathway trees with lights retailed at $9.99 and got them for $2.49. Not too shabby for CVS at 75% off everything. I spent $24.71 before tax.

Now from my favorite store, Target! I haven't been there in such a long time even thought about NOT going anymore after that scam. But that didn't stop me as you see lol. So where shall I begin. The AXE body set was $9.99 before Christmas, they had it on clearance for $8.48 I had a $2.00 off coupon in one of this months inserts I believe. I was super happy I had that coupon. I still have one more left just in case the price goes down or I see it for a better price later. So I was able to use it and paid $6.48. The blue and silver tinsel trees which are 5 feet tall were retailed for $20.00 bucks that I would never pay for at that price. No way, I got them for $6.00 bucks each. The gift name tags laying down were a buck each but not with the 70% off, nuh uh. I got them for $.30 cents each. I also got a gold, white and red tinsel garland were $3.50 bucks and got them for $1.05 each. The star with ornaments which I thought was adorable was $5.00 paid $1.50 for it. The tiny baby bows were $4.00 and paid $1.20 for it. And last but not least my favorite well kinda favorite item. There is a sad story behind the reason why I needed to find these wrapping sets at Target. All I'm going to say is when I moved from Los Angeles county to Kern County "someone" didn't give me all my belongings back and stayed with all my 2010 after Christmas stock pile. I had about 4 of those wrapping sets and none were returned to me. It was a sad memory & I know a very long time ago, but it meant a lot to me. As a couponer, stuff like this at a dirt cheap price is something you cherish like gold. Unless you're a couponer, you would understand what I went through. So I was ecstatic to have these back in my stock pile where no one take them from me. They were retailed for $$9.00 each and paid $2.70 for each one. STEAL! So that's my trip to Target and CVS. Spent a total of $60.33 for what would have cost me $209.00 and some pocket change. What a savings!!!  Keep reading for my Walmart trip!