Friday, May 3, 2013

E.L.F. Haul

Remember my post about E.L.F offering the free shipping with a purchase of $15.00? Well, I know I'm late but I had received my order about 2 weeks ago. I loved every item I bought. Except the foundation brush. I just didn't like how it left streaks of foundation on my face. So I just kept using my fingers to apply my foundation as I usually do. The other brushes are awesome too. The eyelid primer is great. Lasts all day and really holds my eye-shadow. My mom wanted to take it the other day, told her to buy her own haha. The eyelash curler is ok for it being a buck. I use it here and there but I think I will stick with my Tart lash curler for now. Another thing I fell in love with was the black cream liner. Easy to apply on and it won't smudge at all. The mascara, omg! Love it. I use it every time I put on my makeup. Best mascara ever. My lip exfoliator is the best. Leaves my lips feeling soft and the after taste, tastes good. FYI it's not edible haha. My curiosity just happens to always wonder! By the way, Thanks E.L.F. for the adorable packaging. So cute.! How many times have I said cute! =P

Suzie's Deals Clothing Haul

Before I begin my little haul from Suzie's Deals, I just want to let you know that I'm not a materialistic kind of gal. I am a simple kind of girl who loves everything but of course has a fashion type of sense. I love fashion trust me. When seasons change I am the first to change outfit looks in a quickness. Simply because I want to be up to date. Today I stopped by Suzie's Deals. And for those of you who don't know about this store, you're missing out! No kidding. I think since this store has been opened it really has upgraded especially on their clothes. Anyways, I found cute clothes for a very affordable price. The picture shows it all, but trust me looks gorgeous without all that horrible lighting.

Let's start with the upper left hand corner. That is a black and white tank top I found cute. $3.00. You can pair it up with some cute denim shorts or jeans. Bottom left corner are some colorful patterned shorts. I know many of you have seen this style. And let me tell you I found the perfect tank top to pair it up with. This is my very first pair of crazy colorful pattern shorts ever and I fell in love with them. $3.00. Yup. Good price. Right upper hand corner is an adorable floral sheer top. I really wish lighting wasn't so bad but believe me, its very nice. $7.99. Last but not least, my golden yellow shorts that I will pair up with the floral shirt. So comfortable and so affordable too, $6.99. So in total I spent about a total of $24 bucks and some change that's with tax already. So when I really think about it, if I had gone to Forever21 with 24 bucks I would have just been able to grab 2 shirts max. I got 2 shirts and 2 shorts for 24 bucks so I'm really happy about my shopping trip.

My Target Finds

Today I walked into Target without a list or a need of things just to go in and browse the store. Usually I walk out of there with tons of things (along with my coupons) and walk out with a total that I can say I'm always happy about. Anyways, it didn't take me long to browse the basics of the store, groceries, makeup blah blah blah. So I kinda went to the clothing and accessory section. I noticed employees were marking down a lot of stuff I started getting excited. The picture below are some of the things I bought in the clearance section. I had also purchased a sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses that were regular priced. But let's cut down to the chase.

I had purchased 2 yellow tank tops. Regular price was $10 I got them for $3 each. I bought one for me and one for my mom. The wallet and purse were something I had been eyeing to go down for about 3 weeks now. Especially the purse. That purse was orginally $19.99 and I was surprised that it was freshly marked for $5.98. I was happy. The wallet was another thing I had been wanting. Regular price 12.99 I got it for $3.88. I was soooooo happy with my Target finds today. I couldn't be any happier.