Monday, April 22, 2013

My Target Find Of The Day!

Today I went to Target with my online Target coupons. I printed out the coupons I felt I would use or thought the amount of dollar off was a great deal. So I printed out a lot of them. The one that caught my attention the most was the $5.00 off any Merona womens shoes. If you guys haven't been to Target lately like I have, Target always have cute shoes on clearance. Like these in the picture below. Super cute slip on shoes. They are bright yellow. If you haven't heard, bright colors are IN this season and for the summer so I couldn't bypass that! They were market on clearance for $8.48. I used my $5.00 off and ended up paying only $3.48 for a cute pair of shoes. Now how about that folks. That's a steal deal. Better than the BOGO sale at Payless haha. Take advantage of that coupon now at I believe you can print the same coupon up to 2 times. So if you find this deal at your Target you would only pay under $7.00 for 2 pairs of shoes.