Monday, December 30, 2013

Suzie's Deals Shopping Haul

I love me some Suzie's Deals. I don't go there very often but when I do I take my time to really look for stuff. Here's what I got.

All of these clothing items are from Forever 21. I would know because of the tags and because I shop at Forever 21. They destroy the tags as part of their store policy of selling other stores clothing I guess I don't know, but what I do know is they are all from Forever 21. I got a white coat super cute for $8.99 I also got a blue super soft, warm and cozy coat that was clearence without even knowing it, $7.99. Yeah I know, what a good price. It's one of those heavy coats too. Great quality. I also got a black and grey cardigan for $11.99, a sequence sweater/shirt for $7.99 and a black long sleeve for $4.99. $42.95 for everything isn't bad especially 2 coats that are from Forever 21. I know this would have cost me over $100 bucks at Forever 21 so can't beat that!

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