Monday, December 30, 2013

Rue 21 Shopping Haul

If you went to Rue 21 last month, they were giving out Rue Bucks to those who spent a certain amount to qualify for their Rue Bucks. I had spent about $80.00 when I had gone and received 20 Rue Bucks to use starting the 25th of this month all the way til January 5th. I was near my closest Rue 21 so I took advantage. The coupon said I was able to get $20.00 off $40.00 dollars worth of stuff from clearance to regular price to anything in the store. I was excited because every time I go there I come out with awesome deals especially from their clearance section. Ever since I went from a size Medium/Large to Extra Small/Small I am able to find a lot more stuff than before. I went in the store without calculating anything I pinkie promise. Once I got to the checkout I landed on $40.99 how awesome was that! I was lucky. But here is what I got.

Lucky me! They had all their outwear down to 50% off got that nice coat for $15.00 originally $29.99. The two yoga pants that I'll be using for sleeping, lounging around the house or even working out in for $9.00 each originally $16.99. And that beautiful blue cardigan that I had been looking for all day today to use as my NYs outfit was on sale for $8.00 bucks originally $19.99. So in retail everything would have totaled to $83.96 with all sale prices it was $40.99 sub total. Minus the $20 Rue Bucks got everything for $20.99. I was left in "Awe" I kid you not.  I felt like a champion and of course like I scored something fantastic which I did. =)

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