Monday, December 30, 2013

After Christmas Shopping: Christmas Decor/Christmas stuff at Target and CVS

Get ready...get set....Goooooooooooo
After Christmas sales are better than black Friday, I know so! Lol. I had been reading on bloggers posts about Target and CVS having the best prices right now at this moment for all Christmas stuff. So, I went today drove half an hour to get to the closest Target and CVS. I know, how crazy is that? But, I will tell you it was worth the drive. Here is what I got.

Just to name some prices the 2 little owl dog sweaters below were retailed at CVS for $7.99 and I was lucky that I found them in my Yorkies size, they were the last 2, anyways they were $1.99 each. The socks next to them were $3.99 got them for $.99 cents. Oh you have to check this out, those (3) 2 ft trees behind there were priced at $12.99 and I scored them for $3.25 yeah I know, what a steal. They were such a good price that I took the last 3. The 2 white tree cones that are hiding back there on the top are super cute for decor around the house. Got the last (2) priced at $14.99 and paid $3.75 for each one. And last but not least from CVS in the green box to the left are pathway trees with lights retailed at $9.99 and got them for $2.49. Not too shabby for CVS at 75% off everything. I spent $24.71 before tax.

Now from my favorite store, Target! I haven't been there in such a long time even thought about NOT going anymore after that scam. But that didn't stop me as you see lol. So where shall I begin. The AXE body set was $9.99 before Christmas, they had it on clearance for $8.48 I had a $2.00 off coupon in one of this months inserts I believe. I was super happy I had that coupon. I still have one more left just in case the price goes down or I see it for a better price later. So I was able to use it and paid $6.48. The blue and silver tinsel trees which are 5 feet tall were retailed for $20.00 bucks that I would never pay for at that price. No way, I got them for $6.00 bucks each. The gift name tags laying down were a buck each but not with the 70% off, nuh uh. I got them for $.30 cents each. I also got a gold, white and red tinsel garland were $3.50 bucks and got them for $1.05 each. The star with ornaments which I thought was adorable was $5.00 paid $1.50 for it. The tiny baby bows were $4.00 and paid $1.20 for it. And last but not least my favorite well kinda favorite item. There is a sad story behind the reason why I needed to find these wrapping sets at Target. All I'm going to say is when I moved from Los Angeles county to Kern County "someone" didn't give me all my belongings back and stayed with all my 2010 after Christmas stock pile. I had about 4 of those wrapping sets and none were returned to me. It was a sad memory & I know a very long time ago, but it meant a lot to me. As a couponer, stuff like this at a dirt cheap price is something you cherish like gold. Unless you're a couponer, you would understand what I went through. So I was ecstatic to have these back in my stock pile where no one take them from me. They were retailed for $$9.00 each and paid $2.70 for each one. STEAL! So that's my trip to Target and CVS. Spent a total of $60.33 for what would have cost me $209.00 and some pocket change. What a savings!!!  Keep reading for my Walmart trip!

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