Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insole Review

Have you ever gone to a club, wanted to dance all night, but couldn't because your feet were KILLING you? Yeah I know I have many times. And it's not only with going to the club, I've worn my heels to special occasions, interviews, work, events, etc still the fact that my feet were killing me didn't change. Until I met my new bff, The Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles. Ahhhhh, my #heelfix. Boy oh boy do I loovvee these insoles. When I first tried them I was heading to a club which I haven't been to in a really long time. I thought to myself, will I survive the night without complaining? I really hope these Dr. Scholl's insoles help me.

 As soon as I got off the car to head to the club entrance I kid you not I was walking like a pro. I felt like a diva who was born to walk in 4 inch heels. While all these other girls were struggling and holding each others hands for help I was walking like I owned the place.....OK, so I felt like I was in a movie. Back to my review. Dr.Scholl's For Her Insoles sure did keep my feet comfortable throughout the entire night and back home.
Like me and I know I'm not the only one. When I wear heels the bottom of my arch gets a bit sweaty. Ask me why I have no clue. So when that happens my feet start slipping forward and my feet begin to get uncomfortable. When I used the Dr. Scholl's insoles that didn't happen. My feet were perfectly in place and they weren't slipping forward. Which is a good thing because that's how I start with the whole, "My feet hurt," and I never fail to end my night that way. But I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't happen. So if you get sweaty feet when you wear heels I suggest you use the Dr. Scholl's For Her Insoles, this will definitely help you. Take my word for it. Thank you Dr. Scholl's XoXo

I received this product complementary from Influenster.

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