Thursday, August 22, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects: Shine shine go away #Review


Have you ever experienced an oily face that JUST wouldn't go away? Tired of shinning bright like a diamond down the hall way at work? Well, I am! When I first heard about the new Olay Fresh Effects shine shine go away I thought to myself should I really waste my time on another product? Summer is here and it has been such a bad experience with my oily face. So, I decided to try it out. At the time when I first got the shine shine go away, Olay had been sending out free samples of the product so I requested one to try it before I buy it. Once I received it I tried it right away before bed and wow, I couldn't believe my eyes. My shiny face was no longer shiny. I had to try it in the morning before work to make sure it was a keeper. Next morning I washed my face with the shine shine go away product, applied on my makeup and off to work. I decided to let it take its course while I work then see the results when I got home. So here are my results. 

This picture is almost every angle of my face showing you how I look shiny and oily after work when I get home. You can see it from far away and close up. Around my nose is my most problematic area. But I am ready to take the Shine shine go away challenge.! 

A little goes a long way as you can see my palm. It covered my entire face. Which is great. I don't like products that only get a portion of your face. I hate reapplying a cleansing product. You don't want to go through a bottle in a week. And there is my face after I washed the shine shine go away product off. Looks clean huh? I know! 
This is my final picture. The bottom pictures are 2 close ups of my nose my forehead and my cheeks. My most problematic areas. As you can see around my nose area its no longer oily. My forehead is also clear and dry. My cheeks are as well. I decided to reapply my makeup so you can see that my face is not oily. 

Overall, this product from Olay, Shine shine go away, is 100% worth it in my book. I have always had an oily face problem growing up. It did however minimize as I got older, but I still have it. Knowing that I now have a great product in my hands to fix my problem is the most amazing feeling ever. I no longer carry blotch napkins in my purse. I don't need to worry about being out in the sun this summer and end up looking like a bright diamond across the hall at work I don't need to apply any shine control powder which is great. If you ask me, the Shine shine go away product by Olay is something I would recommend to anyone out there who has the same issue as me. Thank you Olay for bringing out this amazing product that not only makes my shine go away, but makes me smile! You can check out Olay's website at for more information about the shine shine go away product. You can also check out their other products as well and ask questions about their products. 

I received Fresh Effects complimentary from Influenster

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