Saturday, July 27, 2013

Clothing Haul #Kmart

I usually don't go to Kmart very often as a matter of fact it's rare that I go there because everything is so expensive. You can buy the same shirt at Walmart for almost half the price. But today I randomly went in just because. I went straight to their clothing department because I seen signs up for 25% off 50% off and so on. None of the clothes really caught my attention until I started seeing what I like. Although I couldn't find many things my size, small. I have lost 13 lbs total and now that I'm close to a month doing the Insanity workout I've lost inches around my waist so it was kind of hard not seeing very many small. But I did however find 4 items that I couldn't resist.
Starting from the top left with the floral shorts. I actually didn't see these until I was getting ready to pay. They caught my attention right of way. The material is so fresh feeling. Very silky great for the summer. Not too short which is what I like. I don't like short shorts. You can also tie it up at the front which is cute. This is by GLO. I've never worn anything by GLO so this is a first. They are originally 16.00 on sale for 12.00. Next is the jeans. They are also by GLO. These jeans are skinny but it really doesn't feel skinny. And before I say anything else, I am a HUGE picky jean person. I kid you not. I'd rather wear shorts and dresses all year round than to wear jeans. My figure is not very curvy. I have more like a boyish kind of body. Although I dress very feminine lol. So most of my jeans don't fit very well around my waist, they're always falling down, my butt looks weird whatever. But these jeans didn't do that. They fit perfect I am so glad that I grabbed these jeans. They were not on sale, bummer, I wish they were because I would never pay 25.00 for jeans. I don't care what brand you are. The most I'll pay for jeans is less than 18 bucks. But since they won me over I paid the 25.00 for them. Next is the sequence tank to the bottom left. It's by Selena Gomez. If some of you are not familiar with her clothing line, Dream Out Loud, you can check out her clothes at Kmart. They are having a lot of sales with this clothing line. This tank is a size medium because they didn't have small. But it fits perfect. The sequence shines bright like a diamond lol. Very cute top. Found it on clearance for 6.00 bucks. Originally 12.00 so it was half off which is a good deal if you ask me. Last but not least is the Dream Out Loud cream color sequence tank. You can't really see the sequence, but it's on there. It's a see through lace top really cute. Original price 10.00 on sale for 7.00. Overall Kmart has some pretty cute clothes I should say. I'm excited to wear them and shock those who ask where I bought them at. Little do they know I got them at Kmart (wink wink). 

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