Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Target Finds 6/26

Yes I know, here goes the Target shopper with her finds again! =) I love Target and anyone who knows me knows this. So I'm going to make it short and quick because I only found a couple of shirts that I found and HAVE to share with everyone. Here they are....

Excuse the pants on the floor. I didn't like them anyways! But to the left is a cute 3/4 sleeve top that says, "I'm yours," Its really cute. You can wear this for any season. Of course the shorts that I'm wearing are part of my wardrobe and kind of won't go with the top. It was originally $17.99 and I found it on clearance for $5.38. The top to the right side was such a great find as well. I had seen this top maybe the beginning of June and it wasn't on sale or clearance, it was priced at $19.99. You can't really see but its a no sleeve top with a denim collar. Sheer floral top. Really cute for the summer. Like I said, $19.99 and marked down for $5.98. Such great deals. The floral top had to be my favorite because I really wanted that top. They are both in size small by the way. Thank you Target for having cute clothes on clearance!

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