Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mio Fit Berry Blast review

For those who recieved the free sample of the Mio Fit Berry Blast flavor last week or this week, might know how good this product is. Or maybe for some of you it wasn't a good product. But anyway, here are my thoughts and opinions about Mio Fit.
Today is day 2 that I have been using the Mio Fit in the Berry Blast flavor. What you do is grab a regular water bottle, I usually drink the 16.9 fl oz which is enough for me. You squeeze in a few drops of the Mio Fit to give it a boost of taste. Now this can work 2 ways. For those who don't like to drink plain water can use Mio Fit to give it a little flavor. Or for some of us who have kids who hate water can also use the Mio Fit to convince kids that water isn't so bad after all haha. Gotta trick those kids and get them to drink water! AND the second way I would see this as an advantage is if you run a lot of course you need electrolites to keep you hydrated and ready to run. This also contains Vitamin B which is also a great thing to have in our bodies. Those are the 2 ways I would say this product would be good for. Or you can also just use Mio Fit just because. Whatever works for you.
I personally have been loving this Mio Fit. The Berry Blast flavor taste so good. It actually fills me up faster than if I were to drink plain water.

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