Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CVS clearance finds 6/26

It's been such a long time that I haven't been to any CVS store since I moved back up North from Los Angeles. I used to be a hardcore fan of waking up at 6am to get ready just in time for CVS to open every Sunday morning. But then Walgreens started having better sales and I just totally lost interest in CVS. But anyway, I stopped by just to browse around and see what was good. I used to work at CVS for 2 years and really built up my knowledge with their clearance and how to really spot the good finds. I've been into makeup and fashion so much that my first pit stop was at the makeup aisle. Didn't find anything good until I walked up to the Maybelline section and found 3 beautiful nail polishes with a bright pink 50% off sticker on them. They are originally $3.99 each but were marked down to $1.99 which is still good. The red magic machine also gave me a $1.00 off any Maybelline product so I ended up paying $0.99 for one. I would have paid $11.97 for all 3 nail polishes but ended up paying under $5.00 bucks.

 Starting to the left is the Maybelline metallic nail polish in the color "Navy Narcissist 100"
In the middle is the Maybelline shredded nail polish in the color "Magenta Mirage 40" its a crackle nail polish as you can see on the lid how its different than the navy lid. And the last one to the right is the Maybelline nail polish in the color "Carbon Frost 60" and this one is also a shredded (crackle) nail polish.

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