Friday, June 21, 2013

Almay eye makeup remover VS Up&Up makeup remover Review

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I recently started using a makeup remover about a month ago. Before that I was using regular hair conditioner to remove all eye makeup. It worked everytime, but I decided it was time for a change. I realized the conditioner was running out faster and I was going through bottles of conditioner every 3 weeks. At first when I was looking for a makeup remover I wanted to really stay under 3 bucks for it. I know you get what you pay for but I had hopes so I went to Target. I noticed Target had their brand name makeup removers next to name brands. And the store brands were less than the name ones ofcourse. I spotted a makeup remover that I couldn't by pass. They were Up&Up makeup remover cleaning towelettes. You got 30 towelettes for under 3 bucks. I had to get them. When I tried them that same night I couldn't believe how good it removed my eye makeup. Without rubbing so hard like I had imagined all the makeup came off quickly. I fell in love with my new makeup remover.

Yesterday while I was at Rite Aid. I had spotted an Almay eye makeup remover on clearance and decided to give it a try. I thought this would be a great chance to compare the both. So I did last night. Let me tell you there are noticeable differences. Pictures can really tell a story. Lol.
 This picture shows the Almay at the left side and the Target brand on the right.

Product #1: Almay eye makeup remover. Results....well the picture says a whole lot. The top is my eye makeup I have had on all day. No makeup proof here. I used a cotton ball to remove the makeup. It did an ok job with the eyeshadow but when it came down to removing the mascara it didn't do such a good job. I had black smears all over my eye area. Perhaps I should have tried the eye makeup remover with a differnt cotton product. But the way I felt it, the Almay eyemakeup remover felt a little too oily for me.
Sooooo....Let's see what the Up&Up did.

It came to the rescue! =) The top left picture is the end result of the Almay. The bottom left is how much of what the Almay didn't remove that the Up&Up makeup remover did. End result is to the right.

With this said, enough has been said that I will end up sticking to the Up&Up makeup remover. It does such a better job at removing makeup. And as you clearly see the mess the store brand product pickeup up after the name brand. I'm officially convinced.

Disclaimer: This review was not sponsored. All products were purchased by me.

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