Friday, May 3, 2013

Suzie's Deals Clothing Haul

Before I begin my little haul from Suzie's Deals, I just want to let you know that I'm not a materialistic kind of gal. I am a simple kind of girl who loves everything but of course has a fashion type of sense. I love fashion trust me. When seasons change I am the first to change outfit looks in a quickness. Simply because I want to be up to date. Today I stopped by Suzie's Deals. And for those of you who don't know about this store, you're missing out! No kidding. I think since this store has been opened it really has upgraded especially on their clothes. Anyways, I found cute clothes for a very affordable price. The picture shows it all, but trust me looks gorgeous without all that horrible lighting.

Let's start with the upper left hand corner. That is a black and white tank top I found cute. $3.00. You can pair it up with some cute denim shorts or jeans. Bottom left corner are some colorful patterned shorts. I know many of you have seen this style. And let me tell you I found the perfect tank top to pair it up with. This is my very first pair of crazy colorful pattern shorts ever and I fell in love with them. $3.00. Yup. Good price. Right upper hand corner is an adorable floral sheer top. I really wish lighting wasn't so bad but believe me, its very nice. $7.99. Last but not least, my golden yellow shorts that I will pair up with the floral shirt. So comfortable and so affordable too, $6.99. So in total I spent about a total of $24 bucks and some change that's with tax already. So when I really think about it, if I had gone to Forever21 with 24 bucks I would have just been able to grab 2 shirts max. I got 2 shirts and 2 shorts for 24 bucks so I'm really happy about my shopping trip.

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