Thursday, May 16, 2013

Find of The Week #2: Rue 21 + Giveaway!!!!

Finding a cute shirt for under 10 bucks can be quite easy for some gals but sometimes under 10 bucks for a shirt that's "in season" isn't so easy at all. I had a day to find an outfit for this weekend since I will attending a sweet 15. I'm not really a party person. I'm more of a stay home gal who goes to work and will soon start school. So I had no choice but to walk into the store many gals talk about around here, Rue 21. I didn't have a hard time finding what I needed so after I found an outfit I began to browse around and noticed a lot of clearance stuff. I'd say half the store in the girls section was pure clearance. I happily walked over there hoping to find a cute top. I usually skim around that area only because half the time the clearance section is the most messiest. But as I walked away I spotted the cutest top ever! I looked at the price and on the tag for regular price was $18.99, well the new price of this amazing cute top was $6.00 bucks.! Yup, and it was my size. And in season. Now how about that! I quickly grabbed it without second thoughts.

 I then headed to their jewelry section and that area was clearance too. I love accessories. I have so many of them I just love it. I only found a cute bangle set that I loved. Again in season colors. Regular price $5.99 on clearance for $2.00 bucks. What a steal.

 I also found a cute designer nail wrap set that caught my attention. It's by Nail Rock and lasts up to 10 days. Regular price for this is $5.99.

 I grabbed it and thought well hey, I'm going to do a giveaway for this item. I haven't had a giveaway in a long time. So go ahead and enter below on the rafflecopter. Trust me any girl would love to have these gold decal nails. I know I would. It's in style right now! Good Luck everyone.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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