Friday, May 3, 2013

E.L.F. Haul

Remember my post about E.L.F offering the free shipping with a purchase of $15.00? Well, I know I'm late but I had received my order about 2 weeks ago. I loved every item I bought. Except the foundation brush. I just didn't like how it left streaks of foundation on my face. So I just kept using my fingers to apply my foundation as I usually do. The other brushes are awesome too. The eyelid primer is great. Lasts all day and really holds my eye-shadow. My mom wanted to take it the other day, told her to buy her own haha. The eyelash curler is ok for it being a buck. I use it here and there but I think I will stick with my Tart lash curler for now. Another thing I fell in love with was the black cream liner. Easy to apply on and it won't smudge at all. The mascara, omg! Love it. I use it every time I put on my makeup. Best mascara ever. My lip exfoliator is the best. Leaves my lips feeling soft and the after taste, tastes good. FYI it's not edible haha. My curiosity just happens to always wonder! By the way, Thanks E.L.F. for the adorable packaging. So cute.! How many times have I said cute! =P

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