Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Board Game Review: Namebrand vs Storebrand Mancala

When we think about it really family nights shouldn't really cost so much to have fun especially when it comes to board games. As a family we want to have the best fun we can have at an afforable price. If its movie night let's go to the Redbox if its board game night lets find a nice affordable fun game. And that's what I'm about to talk about here. Yesterday, I had gone to my nearest Dollar General for the very first time. I walked in and thought to myself let's see what nice cool things I can find. Nothing really caught my attention until I came across the board game section. As my eyes wandered the shelf hoping to find a great fun game for a good price I came across a store brand Mancala. I was about my brother's age, 11 when I fell in love with this game. I played non stop. Recently my brother had been asking for me to buy this game because really when kids get home from school they're bored. They finish homework watch tv and then get bored. So I've been looking to see where I can get a Mancala for less than $10 bucks. I went to Target the game was $14.99 went to WalMart it was the same price. I thought to myself perhaps we can wait on this game once I see it on sale or something. So time passed by I wasn't looking for it anymore until I went to Dollar General walking in again not thinking about the game and saw it....wait for it...wait for it....$2.00! Yup! $2.00. It wasn't the original Mancala. It was like a store brand or in other words no name brand just a regular look a like Mancala. It was marked 50% off and got it for THAT cheap.

This is what the box looks like. Sorry about the picture, I wasn't able to get it to rotate to an angle where you can see it right.

This is what the game itself looks like. It's a different kind of board. It feels plastic but its not plastic. And on the side are the pebbles. Doesn't it look great? For $2.00 my little brother was happy I had a Mancala. Didn't even care about whether it was a name brand or not. He had fun and so did I.

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