Monday, December 30, 2013

Walgreens Shopping trip 12/30

Here is my trip to Walgreens. The last Monday of the year is almost to an end. I wasn't going to go to Walgreens, but couldn't help it since I hadn't gone coupon shopping there in 2 weeks due to the holidays. I had to push myself away from couponing to spend time with family.

Note: No RRs were used to help me with the first transaction since I didn't have any to use. I also didn't use my Balance Rewards because I like to accumulate those for "emergencies" when I don't have enough coupons for a transaction or I need a backup.

Transaction #1
*I-Cool- $10.00
Got $10.00 back in RR

Transaction #2
*AZO- $6.00
*(2) Almay lip products B1G1 50% off
(Note: Make sure to use the $2.00 off all Almay cosmetics in store coupon from their monthly coupon book found at the front of the store where their store ads are located. This coupon will reduce $4.00 from your total)
*Crest Pro-Health mouthwash- $2.99
*Red-Line Power Shot Xtreme $2.99
*Fuse- $5.99
*Carmex- $3.99

Total without coupons: $30.94
Total after $10.00 RR $20.94
Total after coupons $12.94

I got $1.25 RR from the crest pro health, $3.00 from the Redline, $6.00 from the AZO, $6.00 from the Fuse and 1,000 Balance rewards from the Carmex. It should be a super great start next week for my Walgreens trip with a total of $16.25 in Register Rewards! Spent a total of $22.94 for what would have totaled me to $45.43. Always remember to use your Walgreens card to get their sale prices.


Suzie's Deals Shopping Haul

I love me some Suzie's Deals. I don't go there very often but when I do I take my time to really look for stuff. Here's what I got.

All of these clothing items are from Forever 21. I would know because of the tags and because I shop at Forever 21. They destroy the tags as part of their store policy of selling other stores clothing I guess I don't know, but what I do know is they are all from Forever 21. I got a white coat super cute for $8.99 I also got a blue super soft, warm and cozy coat that was clearence without even knowing it, $7.99. Yeah I know, what a good price. It's one of those heavy coats too. Great quality. I also got a black and grey cardigan for $11.99, a sequence sweater/shirt for $7.99 and a black long sleeve for $4.99. $42.95 for everything isn't bad especially 2 coats that are from Forever 21. I know this would have cost me over $100 bucks at Forever 21 so can't beat that!

Rue 21 Shopping Haul

If you went to Rue 21 last month, they were giving out Rue Bucks to those who spent a certain amount to qualify for their Rue Bucks. I had spent about $80.00 when I had gone and received 20 Rue Bucks to use starting the 25th of this month all the way til January 5th. I was near my closest Rue 21 so I took advantage. The coupon said I was able to get $20.00 off $40.00 dollars worth of stuff from clearance to regular price to anything in the store. I was excited because every time I go there I come out with awesome deals especially from their clearance section. Ever since I went from a size Medium/Large to Extra Small/Small I am able to find a lot more stuff than before. I went in the store without calculating anything I pinkie promise. Once I got to the checkout I landed on $40.99 how awesome was that! I was lucky. But here is what I got.

Lucky me! They had all their outwear down to 50% off got that nice coat for $15.00 originally $29.99. The two yoga pants that I'll be using for sleeping, lounging around the house or even working out in for $9.00 each originally $16.99. And that beautiful blue cardigan that I had been looking for all day today to use as my NYs outfit was on sale for $8.00 bucks originally $19.99. So in retail everything would have totaled to $83.96 with all sale prices it was $40.99 sub total. Minus the $20 Rue Bucks got everything for $20.99. I was left in "Awe" I kid you not.  I felt like a champion and of course like I scored something fantastic which I did. =)

After Christmas Shopping: Wal-Mart Christmas stuff

This is my haul from Wal-Mart. I picked this up last week on Saturday. Didn't really buy much because 50% off is not a good deal to me especially when everywhere else is up to 75% off. With the exception of Walgreen's because they too are still at 50% off. But anyways, here is my picture.

It's not much I know, but again it was only half off. The bows were a buck and some change. The box sets were 3 bucks each the paper were 3 bucks as well and the set was $4.49 I believe. I threw away my recipt so I'm trying to remember. But there it is. Thank you for reading.

After Christmas Shopping: Christmas Decor/Christmas stuff at Target and CVS

Get ready...get set....Goooooooooooo
After Christmas sales are better than black Friday, I know so! Lol. I had been reading on bloggers posts about Target and CVS having the best prices right now at this moment for all Christmas stuff. So, I went today drove half an hour to get to the closest Target and CVS. I know, how crazy is that? But, I will tell you it was worth the drive. Here is what I got.

Just to name some prices the 2 little owl dog sweaters below were retailed at CVS for $7.99 and I was lucky that I found them in my Yorkies size, they were the last 2, anyways they were $1.99 each. The socks next to them were $3.99 got them for $.99 cents. Oh you have to check this out, those (3) 2 ft trees behind there were priced at $12.99 and I scored them for $3.25 yeah I know, what a steal. They were such a good price that I took the last 3. The 2 white tree cones that are hiding back there on the top are super cute for decor around the house. Got the last (2) priced at $14.99 and paid $3.75 for each one. And last but not least from CVS in the green box to the left are pathway trees with lights retailed at $9.99 and got them for $2.49. Not too shabby for CVS at 75% off everything. I spent $24.71 before tax.

Now from my favorite store, Target! I haven't been there in such a long time even thought about NOT going anymore after that scam. But that didn't stop me as you see lol. So where shall I begin. The AXE body set was $9.99 before Christmas, they had it on clearance for $8.48 I had a $2.00 off coupon in one of this months inserts I believe. I was super happy I had that coupon. I still have one more left just in case the price goes down or I see it for a better price later. So I was able to use it and paid $6.48. The blue and silver tinsel trees which are 5 feet tall were retailed for $20.00 bucks that I would never pay for at that price. No way, I got them for $6.00 bucks each. The gift name tags laying down were a buck each but not with the 70% off, nuh uh. I got them for $.30 cents each. I also got a gold, white and red tinsel garland were $3.50 bucks and got them for $1.05 each. The star with ornaments which I thought was adorable was $5.00 paid $1.50 for it. The tiny baby bows were $4.00 and paid $1.20 for it. And last but not least my favorite well kinda favorite item. There is a sad story behind the reason why I needed to find these wrapping sets at Target. All I'm going to say is when I moved from Los Angeles county to Kern County "someone" didn't give me all my belongings back and stayed with all my 2010 after Christmas stock pile. I had about 4 of those wrapping sets and none were returned to me. It was a sad memory & I know a very long time ago, but it meant a lot to me. As a couponer, stuff like this at a dirt cheap price is something you cherish like gold. Unless you're a couponer, you would understand what I went through. So I was ecstatic to have these back in my stock pile where no one take them from me. They were retailed for $$9.00 each and paid $2.70 for each one. STEAL! So that's my trip to Target and CVS. Spent a total of $60.33 for what would have cost me $209.00 and some pocket change. What a savings!!!  Keep reading for my Walmart trip!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Old El Paso Chicken Enchiladas Review & Giveaway #MyBlogSpark

I personally have never been a fan of frozen foods for many reasons. One being that they don't taste the same as a meal made from scratch.
But when I tried the Old El Paso Chicken Enchiladas, I couldn't hold  back my thought that, man, it was one of the best frozen foods I have tasted ever. It tops all the frozen foods I have had before. It tasted as if I made it from scratch AND it was deliciously tasty and affordable.
The box of chicken enchiladas contained a total of 6 enchiladas. Which was way beyond enough for my family. It was enough for me my mom and my brother. We each got 2 enchiladas which is a normal meal for each of us. The box itself looked very attractive and the fact that I was taking home a "new" product by the Old El Paso made me even feel more important because I was about to try something new they came up with.
The instructions were easy to follow. Nothing difficult, even my little 12 year old brother can do this lol. Oven directions stated to heat the over for 365 degrees Fahrenheit on a cookie sheet. Pull back the corner of the film before putting the tray in. Set your timer for 40-45 minutes or until the cheese is melted. I usually leave in any bake foods in for the maximum time stated, so I left it in for 45 minutes.
It looks so good right? It even looks like I made it from scratch. My brother was highly excited for these chicken enchiladas by the way.
I decided to also make 2 sides to add with the chicken enchiladas from Old El Paso. I added organic beans, I made Mexican orange rice and in the middle I also added some sour cream. It made me feel super excited about this meal. But of course it looked better in person. The chicken enchiladas from Old El Paso were great. Although in this picture they look different, the cheese was melted so well, it didn't taste like frozen cheese. The chicken was also delicious and did I mention it wasn't salty? Which is a great thing because I've been really anti-salt for a while now. Overall, this meal was 100% successful. My family enjoyed it. It didn't take effort at all to prepare dinner for them. It tasted as if everything was made from scratch and our tummys were full and satisfied.

 Old El Paso also has other entrees available at your local frozen foods section. I'll definitely be trying these out for dinner for sure. Especially for those nights when you have absolutely no time to spend an hour in the kitchen, you just pop these in the oven and enjoy a nice dinner and head your way to satisfaction. You can head to Old El Paso website at and check out all their other products, product information, promotions and other cool and interesting stuff about Old El Paso. And also head to their Facebook at and "LIKE" their page for daily posts, upcoming events, deals and other news from Old El Paso.
What entrees would you like to try for dinner with your family? Post a comment below and let me know.

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark. Thank you to #MyBlogSpark for providing this prize pack. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ascending Butterfly P&G giveaway

This month, October, is breast cancer month. Let's all wear that pink ribbon! P&G is a great sponsor and some of you may notice in the P&G inserts and on their social medias for breast cancer. They have sponsored Ascending Butterfly to do this amazing giveaway for all of you to enter. Sorry for the late post, but this ends October 25, 2013 at 12:00 AM (EST). Go to the following like HERE to enter for your chance to win a package of assorted P&G products worth up to $50.00, from brands including Crest, Pantene, Secret, Scope and many more. Go enter now guys. Giveaway ends really soon!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bralief Review

I'm the type of woman who hates having her bra straps fall off her shoulder at a party or at work. I'll be walking down the hall and next thing you know my bra strap is off my shoulder. Oh gosh, here we go again. I hate adjusting the bra strap because for some reason, it never fails to fall off my shoulder again. I really thought about investing in any bra lifter much. I wear scrubs to work so I rarely have to worry about showing my bra straps. But since I do a lot of walking I started thinking perhaps I should. I tried out the Bralief in the color white. I took a look at the product and thought to myself it would be hard to figure out how to use. But silly me, I like to underestimate everything. It was super easy and I didn't struggle like I thought. To open or close the clip, you just gently push and slide the two pieces apart or together in a locking position. Or if you want a longer length for Bralief then you can clip two Braliefs together. 

 Before putting on your bra, you loop the Bralief around the straps of the bra.  Fasten the clip and put your bra over your head like a top. Place your breast in each cup. Reach around and fasten the bra hooks on your lower back. Pull your strap up and apart to position Bralief where you want it. And ta-da it's on.! Super easy right, well it sounds but really it is. The bra straps may need to be adjusted to a longer lenght before wearing the Bralief, just a little tip for yall. This product not only kept my bra straps from falling, it also felt comfortable. It didn't even bother me at all. It felt as if I had a bra and the Bralief wasn't there. That's how comfortable it was.  It also provided me with an instant breast lift which was awesome. I have small/medium breast so this made mine nice and lifted....did I mention a little perky too (hehe)

The Bralief comes in 3 different colors: Tan, White and Black. This product is also made in the U.S.A. and assembled in D.R. The materials for the product are all man made materials. It is 95% Polyester and 5% Nylon. Overall, I rate this product a 10/10. It gave me no problems, it did what it said it would do, lift breast and keep bra straps from falling off your shoulder. And best of all, it was comfortable. 

Bralief is having a giveaway on their Facebook page HERE . They are giving away 3 Braliefs along with a $100 Visa gift card  WOW!!! Just click on their giveaway tab and start filling. Don't forget to "Like" Bralief on Facebook! Mandatory before you enter the giveaway. You can also visit their website HERE. You can check out their Instructional video on how to use the Bralief product. They also have before & after photos where there you can see for yourself that this product really is worth it. And don't forget you can also purchase your very own Bralief and enjoy those stressful moments....being UN stressful. 

All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated or affiliated with the company nor with anyone who works with Bralief. This sample was sent to me for review purposes. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Green Giant:Raise A Giant #MyBlogSpark

Bullying has been one of the most common problems all over the world in school for years. It is something that I wish I had the power to make it go away. You'd be surprised at how many children, teenagers even adults get bullied. I remember when I was in elementary school I was bullied by a group of girls who had more power with words than I have ever imagined. They threatened me with fights, said mean words to me and even spread rumors that weren't true. Little did I know these girls were the girls I'd be graduating high school with. So, imagine me getting bullied from elementary school up to high school, I felt powerless. And because of that, I hated going to school growing up. Sometimes I'd fake being sick or make myself sick to have a reason to go home. I would hide from these girls and do everything possible to avoid seeing them. In high school some teachers would let their students in class during lunch time so I took advantage of that and made classrooms my hiding spots during lunch. I felt depressed, worth less and felt like I couldn't be happy. But boy am I glad and thankful that I am 24 years young and out of that nightmare. Now, I have a brother who is 12 years young and hoping that bullying doesn't happen to him. I try to give him advice as much as I can and hope that he will take my advice into consideration to help prevent bullying happening to him. There are many programs and companies out there who have tried to help others prevent bullying. And many of them have really helped individuals with this issue.
Green Giant has taken action to help prevent bullying. They have partnered up with PACER'S National Bullying Prevention Center and We Day Minnesota to help parents Raise A Giant and put a stop to bullying in their community.
What is a Green Giant and what does it meant to be a Giant? Well, being a giant isn't about being the biggest or the best. Being a giant means standing up for others. It means lending a hand to those who are in trouble and speaking up for those who sometimes find it hard to speak up for themselves.  Studies show that an effective way to stop bullying is for kids to simply speak up and say, "That's not okay," when they see bullying happening. But asking kids to have the courage to stand up to bullying is a tall order and that's why they need our help.
I would love to write a letter here on my blog to my little brother. Even though I do talk to him daily about bullying I would also like to write him a letter from his big sis!

Dear Joe,
Although we have sat down plenty of times and spoke about bullying, I would like you to know that I am here for you no matter what. You are a great kid who is smart, always getting good grades in school, making friends and treating them as you would like to be treated. Remember I told you that, treat others as you would like them to treat you! I want you to be strong and always be proud of who you are no matter what anyone says. You are you and you are a Titan! You can always count on me for any advice that you need or even your friends. They too can come to me for advice if they need to. I am your friend, your big sister and your partner. You have so much potential and I believe that whenever you see someone getting bullied, you will stand up tall and say to that bully, "What you are doing is wrong. Bullying is wrong and you need to stop because bullying others is not nice." We have gone through so many made up scenarios where you have a list of sayings you can use when bullying happens right in front of your eyes. And I'm glad we wrote that list down. So that way you can remember them and look them over. I know it will come in handy one day. I remember when I was your age, I hated school because I was always being bullied. A group of girls would always pick on me and say mean things. I played nice and didn't say anything because I was scared of getting in trouble and getting suspended. So, I would walk away. Avoid them as much as I could. I figured if I did this they would laugh and say I was scared, but it didn't matter, the best thing was to walk away from it and avoid the situation. It worked sometimes, but not all the time. And that was ok with me because at least they knew I didn't want to fight. I know that bullying can be a hard depressing thing for any kid your age or any age to go through, but being the great kid that you are, I am confident that you will one day do the right thing and be a Green Giant. Stand up tall and say something! Love you Joe!

If you or anyone else would like to write a letter to your child, your sibling or family member you can do so at There you will find a lot of information about Green Giant and how to prevent bullying from happening.

Daregal Gourmet Herb Review

I received a sampler of Daregal Gourmet fresh frozen herbs to review as a part of a Blog Friendly PR campaign. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

At home, me and my boyfriend love to cook dinner together. We enjoy incorporating different herbs into our foods for more flavor. And we also find it better than adding salt, because I am a huge "anti-salt" person. I have found that keeping herbs frozen are much better than keeping them in your refrigerator  They last longer and not to mention the flavor is much better. It's very convenient if you ask me. I received a sampler of Daregal Gourmet fresh frozen herbs. I received garlic, parsley, cilantro and basil. I immediately thought of a dinner idea that I would be able to incorporate all the herbs into, grilled chicken tenders. I first marinated the chicken with all the herbs before grilling them. It was an easy process of opening the containers the herbs came in. It wasn't science to get them opened. The right amount came out of the container. I really liked the packaging of the herbs. I've never seen any herbs come in a container like the Daregal Gourmet containers. After marinating the chicken, I placed a sheet of foil on top of my pan to prevent the tenders from sticking, then i lightly sprayed some EVOO on top of the foil. I let each side cook for about 6-8 minutes each or until cooked. 

As the tenders cooked you can smell the garlic so heavenly I kid you not it smelled much differently than having non frozen garlic. Almost as if Daregal Gourmet garlic had more garlic flavor than any typical clove of garlic. I also loved how as the chicken cooked the herbs were able to set onto the chicken. From personal experience if I were to have used other herbs they would have fallen off and onto the pan. Something I dislike, not having your herbs on the chicken they always seem to fall off making the chicken plain and boring. But not the Daregal Gourmet herbs, they were able to set onto the chicken pretty well, it really amazed me. 

Here above is my finished dinner. I meant to add another side of greens, but forgot so please excuse me. I topped the chicken tenders with vineger carrots and onions. As you can see the chicken tenders still have the herbs on them. Fantastic. While eating my tenders I noticed the flavor of my food was beyond flavorful. I can definalty taste the garlic and the other herbs. Daregal Gourmet herbs met my expectations. I personally would recommend the Daregal Gourmet herbs to family and friends for sure. I even saved a little to share with my mom for her to try them out as well. I'm pretty confident that she will enjoy them as much as I did. It will be a little hard giving her the garlic because that was my favorite herb. But I like spreading the love of a great product. The Daregal Gourmet herbs are available at and in the Northeast region at Stop n Shop, Giant Landover and Shaws. Here is the link to their Amazon store where you will be able to view their other amazing herbs and products AND also shop for your own herbs Daregal Gourmet Amazon Store . You can also visit Daregal Gourmet's website here where you will be able to read about them, read and grab tips and ideas for meals, store locators and more Fresh Frozen Herbs You can also "like" Daregal Gourmet on Facebook Like Daregal Gourmet Here. Liked this review, let me know in a comment below which herb you would chose and in what recipe would you incorporate the herb in. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wearever Health and Wellness Apparel: Urinary Incontinence Underwear Review

I've always worried about me being uncontrollable with a urinary incontinence problem. Whether i was going to be able to hold it before i get to the restroom. Or will I leak and go through the embarrassment of wetting my clothing. It's quite an embarrassing moment for anyone.
I was lucky to try out the Wearever Heath and Wellness underwear for women. It's a very comfortable, good quality and affordable to anyone who needs underwear specially for urinary incontinence.  I received mine in the color tan. One of the best things about this product is that is washable and reusable. And yet you can wear these with high confidence and continue to live your life without any worries or stress.

 They have different pairs both for women and men, that can cover light, moderate and heavy urinary incontinence. They feel just like regular underwear but include an absorbent sewn in pad for security.  These feel so much better than having a regular adult pamper or pad. It feels like you're wearing a regular underwear. This is all cotton, no plastic feeling or that sticky texture rubbing next your skin. This underwear is by far the best most comfortable underwear for urinary incontinence problems. You can check out Wearever Heath and Wellness products at there you can also purchase their underwear and other products available. You can also "Like" them on facebook. There you can check out their latest news and newest products for the future. They also have a Pinterest where you can see their photos and different styles of underwear. You can follow them Pinterest Page for Wearever

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, September 20, 2013

BA Stardust Review

I've been really into eye shadow dust lately and it seems to be coming in for the fall season. I recently tried out a brand by the name of BA Stardust. It's a really nice bronze/gold color that brightens up your eyes. I used it for my morning routine for my work look.  I really liked the way it looked around my tear ducts. A regular area around my eyes that I normally apply eye shadow on.  It lasted all day and made my eyes look a lot more on the sexy side.

As you can see my eyes they look lightly dramatic and attractive.  I am really loving this color on my eyes. Looks better in person may I say. I gives you this nice shimmer look that's completely irresistible to me. I also used the base primer which is applied on first before the shadow dust.  It makes it stay on all day.  That is how ever optional. I didn't have any difficulties without the primer. The dust was on my eyes perfectly the second day I tried on this product. Overall, I rate this product a 9/10.  I took a point away from their rate because I personally think the look of the product can be more sophisticated and attractive. The appearance of the design makes it look dollar tree cheap. I truly believe they can have a better look.
BA Star also carries the following colors: Diamond, Bronze, Chocolate and Deep Plum.  These colors sound perfect for the fall. You can check them out at to look at all their other products.

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insole Review

Have you ever gone to a club, wanted to dance all night, but couldn't because your feet were KILLING you? Yeah I know I have many times. And it's not only with going to the club, I've worn my heels to special occasions, interviews, work, events, etc still the fact that my feet were killing me didn't change. Until I met my new bff, The Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles. Ahhhhh, my #heelfix. Boy oh boy do I loovvee these insoles. When I first tried them I was heading to a club which I haven't been to in a really long time. I thought to myself, will I survive the night without complaining? I really hope these Dr. Scholl's insoles help me.

 As soon as I got off the car to head to the club entrance I kid you not I was walking like a pro. I felt like a diva who was born to walk in 4 inch heels. While all these other girls were struggling and holding each others hands for help I was walking like I owned the place.....OK, so I felt like I was in a movie. Back to my review. Dr.Scholl's For Her Insoles sure did keep my feet comfortable throughout the entire night and back home.
Like me and I know I'm not the only one. When I wear heels the bottom of my arch gets a bit sweaty. Ask me why I have no clue. So when that happens my feet start slipping forward and my feet begin to get uncomfortable. When I used the Dr. Scholl's insoles that didn't happen. My feet were perfectly in place and they weren't slipping forward. Which is a good thing because that's how I start with the whole, "My feet hurt," and I never fail to end my night that way. But I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't happen. So if you get sweaty feet when you wear heels I suggest you use the Dr. Scholl's For Her Insoles, this will definitely help you. Take my word for it. Thank you Dr. Scholl's XoXo

I received this product complementary from Influenster.

Just A Drop:Ostomy Odor Control Review

Odors in ostomy pouches are exceptionally strong and foul especially when emptying the contents of the pouch into the toilet. Just A Drop is here to the rescue. 

Here's how it works: Simply place a few drops into the toilet BEFORE emptying an ostomy pouch, the odor is trapped below the surface preventing it from escaping into the air.  All you leave is an odor free bathroom!

Here in the picture below I placed about 12 drops of the Just A Drop and flushed it down the toilet. Before opening the product I can already smell the fragrance it would give after the drops. Didn't smell bad what so ever. I also tried this product before to test it out and also have my family try it and they enjoy the product personally. It eliminates the foul smell before going to the bathroom. 

Overall this product is a great item to have at home or to even carry it with you, just in case =). You can check out Just A Drop products at There you can find out more about their products and even purchase your own Just A Drop. You can also follow Just A Drop on twitter here

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects: Shine shine go away #Review


Have you ever experienced an oily face that JUST wouldn't go away? Tired of shinning bright like a diamond down the hall way at work? Well, I am! When I first heard about the new Olay Fresh Effects shine shine go away I thought to myself should I really waste my time on another product? Summer is here and it has been such a bad experience with my oily face. So, I decided to try it out. At the time when I first got the shine shine go away, Olay had been sending out free samples of the product so I requested one to try it before I buy it. Once I received it I tried it right away before bed and wow, I couldn't believe my eyes. My shiny face was no longer shiny. I had to try it in the morning before work to make sure it was a keeper. Next morning I washed my face with the shine shine go away product, applied on my makeup and off to work. I decided to let it take its course while I work then see the results when I got home. So here are my results. 

This picture is almost every angle of my face showing you how I look shiny and oily after work when I get home. You can see it from far away and close up. Around my nose is my most problematic area. But I am ready to take the Shine shine go away challenge.! 

A little goes a long way as you can see my palm. It covered my entire face. Which is great. I don't like products that only get a portion of your face. I hate reapplying a cleansing product. You don't want to go through a bottle in a week. And there is my face after I washed the shine shine go away product off. Looks clean huh? I know! 
This is my final picture. The bottom pictures are 2 close ups of my nose my forehead and my cheeks. My most problematic areas. As you can see around my nose area its no longer oily. My forehead is also clear and dry. My cheeks are as well. I decided to reapply my makeup so you can see that my face is not oily. 

Overall, this product from Olay, Shine shine go away, is 100% worth it in my book. I have always had an oily face problem growing up. It did however minimize as I got older, but I still have it. Knowing that I now have a great product in my hands to fix my problem is the most amazing feeling ever. I no longer carry blotch napkins in my purse. I don't need to worry about being out in the sun this summer and end up looking like a bright diamond across the hall at work I don't need to apply any shine control powder which is great. If you ask me, the Shine shine go away product by Olay is something I would recommend to anyone out there who has the same issue as me. Thank you Olay for bringing out this amazing product that not only makes my shine go away, but makes me smile! You can check out Olay's website at for more information about the shine shine go away product. You can also check out their other products as well and ask questions about their products. 

I received Fresh Effects complimentary from Influenster

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wine Wear Inc. Review

Wine is one of my all time favorite drinks. I'd choose wine over anything else on any given day. Wine bottles can also make great gifts for Christmas, to have during Thanksgiving Day, New Years, etc. And to make your wine a little more special looking you can even dress it up! Yes, that's exactly what I said, dress up your wine bottle!

Wine bottle Wear™ is revolutionizing the way wine is gifted and enjoyed. Simply write a personal greeting on the back of the Wine Wear card, place it over the neck of the bottle and instantly have a unique gift presentation.

- Product is patented and only available through Wine Wear, Inc.
- New, unique and colorful that gets a reaction of “Wow – that’s great”
- Woman-owned business
- Great price – Retail $3.49 each
- All sales of our Live Laugh Love design donated to cancer charity
- Rapidly expanding and sold in stores such as Walgreens 
- Product featured in magazines such as Smart Money, Greetings etc., Gift and Decorative Accessories

Wine Wear Inc. has a marvelous selection of wine glass wear, wine bottle wear and wine fashion wear. Sounds like a cute different idea huh? Well, it sure is. In the picture below is one of my wine bottles with a Wine Wear T-Shirt. It's so simple to put on.
First, you remove the shirt or fashion wear from the package. Write your personal greeting on the back of the item. In my case I didn't write anything because I wanted to save this t-shirt for a special occasion in the future. But you are able to put in the "To" and "From" on the back. Then you expand the wine wear which is super easy. Then slide it over the bottle neck and you have a final product. It would look like the picture to the upper right hand corner.

I honestly think this idea of a wine fashion wear is a great product. You can buy wine for as low as $3.00 now and days. Make it look like you put in more effort than those 3 bucks and add a Wine Wear shirt over it.

Wine Wear Inc also have their own website where you can purchase your very own wine wear. They also offer wholesale which is great if you plan on a big event and would love to have your wine dressed up. This would even make a great wedding idea. The wine wear t shirts start as low as $3.49 a piece. Not too shabby if you ask me. That's more than affordable to make a great gift for any occasion. Overall, I give this product a 10!
You can now "LIKE" wine wear on Facebook for their latest news on Wine Wear Inc. Follow them on Twitter as well for more news.

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Woolzies XL Dryer Balls Review

Have you ever heard of Woolzies XL Dryer Balls? The most eco-friendly wool dryer balls?

"Woolzies are 100% pure new zealand wool dryer balls that do everything that conventional fabric softeners do plus they reduce drying time by 25%. They are money back guaranteed to last for at least 1,000 loads!
Woolzies have no chemicals at all and are also hypoallergenic so are safe even for people with wool sensitivities."

I am loving the Woolzies Dryer Balls. Yesterday was my laundry day so I had the opportunity to use these dryer balls. I was pretty excited about using them. I love using eco-friendly products at my own home because I know its chemical free and won't do any harm. 

I decided to set my dryer at the normal for 45 mins to dry to clothes. The Woolzies are supposed to reduce drying time by 25% so I was pretty skeptical about that until I seen it for myself. I did however noticed that my clothes was pretty dry by 34 minutes. I went back at 20 minutes, but it wasn't ready. So then I went back at almost 35 minutes and it was all dry. I was impressed. 

The box is a pretty good size. Cute cover as well. It contains 6 XL balls. All I did was toss all 6 balls in my dryer and then put in my wet clothes set it and forget it. Lol not really but my clothes was done in 34 minutes. This is such a great product because it's actually saving energy. Dryers can take up a lot of energy if you ask me. My clothes also usually gets static which I hate. I get static and I can't touch anything without getting shocked. Ugh. The Woolzies also impressed me by not leaving my clothes wrinkled. As soon as i got my clothes out of the dryer I noticed nice soft wrinkle free clothes. The only thing I didn't like about this product was that there was a lot of rumbling noises tumbling in the dryer. Haha. I'm so used to a quiet dryer. But that's ok. It's doing things to my clothes that no other product has been able to. Not even dryer sheets leave my clothes static free. 

A few FAQ's about Woolzies:
Q: How long will my Woolzies last?
A: Woolzies are guaranteed to last for at least 1,000 loads 

Q: If I have an allergy to wool, can I still use Woolzies?
A: Yes! Since the wool is not directly touching your skin and does not shed, everyone can use Woolzies without any allergic reactions.

Q:Why do the dryer balls seem to each vary slightly in size, shape and texture?
A: Our dryer balls are completely handmade. They are not mass produced by machine. Therefore, you will notice variations in size, color and texture. 

Q: Why are Woolzies better than rubber/plastic/tennis balls in the dryer?
A: Rubber and plastic balls are made from harsh chemicals including PVCs which are released onto your laundry by the hot dryer air. Not only are these types of dryer balls dangerous to your health, they are toxic to the environment as well. Additionally, the harsh tumbling action of rubber, plastic and tennis balls can damage your dryer's sensitive electronic sensors. Finally, some of these types of balls may even melt slightly and cause fabric staining. 

The Woolzies Dryer Balls 
-Softens Naturally
-Reduces drying time by 25%
-Reduces Static
-Helps eliminate wrinkles
-Chemical Free
-Safe for people with wool sensitivities
-Handmade from fine New Zealand wool

Go ahead and check out these amazing dryer balls for yourself at  You can also check out Woolzies on FACEBOOK HERE. "Like" Woolzies for their latest news and  promotions. And follow Woolzies on TWITTER HERE to read all about Woolzies and what's going on. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Natural Miracles: Menstrual Magic Softgels Review

Have you ever had menstrual complications? Ever had those horrible cramps and bloating that made you wish you weren't a girl? Well, I have. Ever since I was in high school (6 years ago) I experienced horrible cramping. I couldn't walk I had sleepless nights. I wasn't able to do any physical activity so I would miss out on a lot. I didn't even play sports for that reason. Man oh man did I wish there was something that I could have done to help me with those cramps. I had even gone to the doctor to get a prescription that didn't even work. My doctor asked me if I wanted to get the birth control to minimize my period and I said no. Why would I want to do such a thing. As I got older I began to notice that it was getting worse. I remember one day I was in the shower and I began to feel nausea. I quickly started to get dizzy and felt that I could have fainted. But I acted quick and kept strong and got out. See what horrible experience I'm talking about? Yeah, very horrible. And that was JUST the first time out of many. The only thing that  would calm down my cramping was by filling up an empty water bottle with extremely hot water and placing it over my lower belly. It's a temporary relief, but it's better than nothing.

**This is one of the samples that was provided to me. I actually gave the rest of my Menstrual Magic soft gels to my co-worker whom also suffers from cramps and backache. Since I only used 12 soft gels I let her keep the rest. But I used the Menstrual Magic Advanced Formula. Comes with 20 soft gels instead of 14. It's caffeine and aspirin free. No wheat, no gluten, no soybeans, no dairy, no shellfish,  no egg, no peanuts/tree nuts.** 

**This is one of my favorite parts. Inside the box, this one is the sample by the way, comes a paper with this scale. This scale is called the, "Discomfort Level," as you can see it divides the level of pain you have and tells you how many soft gels to take. On my second and third day I usually am at a high 10 in pain, but this time I wasn't. Keep reading and you'll find out why. This is such a great idea and such a great guidance for those who need to know how many soft gels to take.**

I recently had my cycle 2 weeks ago and began using my number one hero, Natural Miracles: Menstrual Magic Soft gels. At first I thought, OK I'll try this out I've given up on any type of medicine that states it will relief cramps, but I'll try it.

Natural Miracles: Menstrual Magic Advanced Formula is passionate about providing women with an all natural alternative to quickly relieve their menstrual symptoms. 
At least 40 million women of childbearing age in the United States suffer with menstrual cramps, backache, headache, bloating, nausea and other symptoms during their menstrual cycle. The consequences of untreated dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps) range from lost work and school hours to the disruption of personal and family life. Lost work hours alone can lead to an estimated $2 billion reduction in productivity.

Menstrual Magic Advanced is encapsulated in soft gels that dissolve within four minutes. This allows the proper blend to be absorbed throughout a woman's body within seventeen minutes so she experiences FAST relief. 

The first day I tried the Menstrual Magic I honestly expected it to work in seconds. But little did I know it would take 17 minutes for any relief. Now before I go into more detail I would like to inform anyone reading this that I've tried all over the counter medicine, I've had prescriptions, I've took all herbal teas recommended and nothing worked. Remember, my only temporary relief was the empty water bottle I would fill up with hot water.
On day 1 I took about 1 soft gel to get my body used to the pill before it decided to cramp. Usually my first days aren't so bad. My second days are my most painful days. All I want to do is stay in bed and cry. I had to work this day and you can probably imagine how bad I wanted to call in. But I didn't I decided to take 3 soft gels at 5 a.m. Before I was about to leave, 5:41 a.m. I noticed I really didn't have as much pain as I expected to have. Usually at this time or on any work day while on my cycle, I'm already hurting. I need to change and it's just so not the business. I feel uncomfortable and just moody and not myself. But this time I didn't feel pain it almost felt like I was still on day 1. It felt good and I felt confident about this soft gel. I only took a total of 6 soft gels in the entire day, 3 before work and 3 at night before bed. That night I slept well, I had no sleepless moments. I felt good. My 3rd day is also another one of my "I'm hurting" days. I did the same thing, took 3 soft gels before work and felt great all day and 3 at night and slept like a baby. My final 2 days are calm, I don't hurt or anything so I'm fine. But the experience I felt my 2nd and 3rd day was entirely amazing. To just think that I wasn't in any pain at all. I slept well and woke up like a champ on my period is a feeling that I dreamed of having for the longest time. I started to think wow, this really worked. I couldn't believe it. I thought I would have to bring out my water bottle at 2am in the morning, but I didn't.

I honestly don't know what it was about this menstrual miracle but it sure was a huge miracle to me when I noticed a difference. I just want to let you know that this is no joke. I'm really do suffer from menstrual cramps every month I hurt, I cry, it's a horrible thing for me to go through. Lucky to those women who don't suffer and have light periods. Lucky them! Although this product was sent to me to review this is by far one of the BEST products that I've ever reviewed in my life. It changed my life around, it really did. This review isn't one of those reviews were I'm just hoping the company gets attention or whatever. This is real. It took me about a month to wait for my cycle to try them out. When I received this product I had just finished my cycle so I had to wait for the next one. So, for me to wait that long to let you all know my life changing experience must mean so much to me and it did.

You can too have the same amazing experience. Go ahead and check out Natural Miracles on their website at they have a lot of amazing all natural remedies just for you and your loved ones. You can also "like" Natural Miracles on their Facebook page HERE.  They also have a Twitter page so you all can "follow" Natural Miracles. And you can also subscribe to Natural Miracles on YouTube and watch their videos for more information.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. No compensation was provided. All opinions are my own and truly honest. I am in no way affiliated with the company. Remember, this took me a month to review and meant so much to me. Thank you Natural Miracles for a life changing experience. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Clothing Haul #Kmart

I usually don't go to Kmart very often as a matter of fact it's rare that I go there because everything is so expensive. You can buy the same shirt at Walmart for almost half the price. But today I randomly went in just because. I went straight to their clothing department because I seen signs up for 25% off 50% off and so on. None of the clothes really caught my attention until I started seeing what I like. Although I couldn't find many things my size, small. I have lost 13 lbs total and now that I'm close to a month doing the Insanity workout I've lost inches around my waist so it was kind of hard not seeing very many small. But I did however find 4 items that I couldn't resist.
Starting from the top left with the floral shorts. I actually didn't see these until I was getting ready to pay. They caught my attention right of way. The material is so fresh feeling. Very silky great for the summer. Not too short which is what I like. I don't like short shorts. You can also tie it up at the front which is cute. This is by GLO. I've never worn anything by GLO so this is a first. They are originally 16.00 on sale for 12.00. Next is the jeans. They are also by GLO. These jeans are skinny but it really doesn't feel skinny. And before I say anything else, I am a HUGE picky jean person. I kid you not. I'd rather wear shorts and dresses all year round than to wear jeans. My figure is not very curvy. I have more like a boyish kind of body. Although I dress very feminine lol. So most of my jeans don't fit very well around my waist, they're always falling down, my butt looks weird whatever. But these jeans didn't do that. They fit perfect I am so glad that I grabbed these jeans. They were not on sale, bummer, I wish they were because I would never pay 25.00 for jeans. I don't care what brand you are. The most I'll pay for jeans is less than 18 bucks. But since they won me over I paid the 25.00 for them. Next is the sequence tank to the bottom left. It's by Selena Gomez. If some of you are not familiar with her clothing line, Dream Out Loud, you can check out her clothes at Kmart. They are having a lot of sales with this clothing line. This tank is a size medium because they didn't have small. But it fits perfect. The sequence shines bright like a diamond lol. Very cute top. Found it on clearance for 6.00 bucks. Originally 12.00 so it was half off which is a good deal if you ask me. Last but not least is the Dream Out Loud cream color sequence tank. You can't really see the sequence, but it's on there. It's a see through lace top really cute. Original price 10.00 on sale for 7.00. Overall Kmart has some pretty cute clothes I should say. I'm excited to wear them and shock those who ask where I bought them at. Little do they know I got them at Kmart (wink wink). 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thera Pearl Sports Pack Review

I personally workout 6x's a week everyday. All of my workouts are very intense to be specific. My only rest day are the fabulous Saturdays. Most of the time my muscles are hurting, their sore, tired I am in need of a great massage everyday. But now I won't need to feel the need to have a massage. Thera Pearl Pack has come to my rescue.

**Compact and portable, the Doctor Designed Sports Pack is soft and pliable to adhere comfortably to your body. Drip and mess-free, it beats a melting ice pack or soggy hot towel any day! It’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic and, best of all, reusable. For durability, cost and effectiveness, disposables can’t match THERA°PEARL’s value.**

I normally place the pack where I'm usually in need of a muscle relaxing feel. I place it on my shoulders, over my knee and around my wrist.

 Those are the ones I workout the most besides my abdominal. All I do is chill it in the fridge for about 2 hours max. Or an hour before my workout since my workouts range about another hour or so. You can also use it hot. Just put it in the microwave and leave it in there for at least 10 seconds or more if you feel like it needs more heat to it. Then place it over the area you need the soothing relief on the most. The Thera Pearl pack holds its therapeutic temperature for around 20 minutes so you can get the fast soothing relief that you need. The pack comes in 2 different colors, blue and pink. 

I normally leave the pack on the area for a good 20 minutes. Well that's because half the time I end up falling asleep, it feels so good and relaxing especially around my shoulders. It's one of the best feelings anyone can have after their workout. My muscles feel rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the day. This is one of the main reasons why I feel super good after my workouts, because the Thera Pack soothes out my muscles. I don't think I can go anywhere without this handy dandy product. 

Thera Pearl Pack has their own website with tons of great products. You don't need to workout like me to own a Thera Pearl Pack. This works fine for anyone whose in sports anyone who needs therapy and can use a Pearl Pack. They even have packs for kids. How awesome is that! You can check out their Thera Pearl Pack along with their other products at  They also have a FACEBOOK where you can "like" their page for daily news about their company and lots of pictures. They have a TWITTER....HELLO!!! I love twitter and will be defiantly following them. You can also follow their boards on PINTEREST. Which I also have and will be following them. And you can also add them on GOOGLE PLUS. Which I personally already have added them to my google of friends.! YAY! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ageless Derma: Anti-Aging Cleanser Review

I'm very picky with my face washes especially during the summer when I need the BEST product I can get my hands on. The summer just seems to ruin my face more than any other season. I received the Ageless Derma Glycolic Facial Gel Cleanser. It's an Anit-Aging Cleanser that does the extra job that other face cleansers don't. What do I mean by that well here's what I mean. You know your face cleanser doesn't always get all that left over makeup on your face ladies. Believe it or not there's still makeup on that pretty face of your's. This cleanser proved it to me plenty of times. I would use my regular face cleanser (wipe with a white towel) the first time then use this Ageless Derma and wow I was completely convinced that my face cleanser wasn't doing its job. Ageless Derma facial gel cleanser is an innovative glycolic facial cleanser that contains Giycolic Acid Acetyle Acetate and Ubiquinone to remove makeup, pollution and other skin irritant and help fight signs of prematurely aged skin. So not only am I getting that extra makeup and pollution off my face but it's also helping my skin fight signs of aged skin. Hey, I know at 24 years old, I would love to know that this amazing face cleanser is helping my face look younger. You don't need a lot of the cleanser. A lot goes a long way. It foams up really well on my face, it doesn't have any smell to it and it doesn't take up any room so this can go practically anywhere.
This is a silly picture of me having fun with my face cleanser. I'm just happy that I have this product on my face and believe me I don't just put anything on it. My face is really sensitive so after trying this product long enough to know it wasn't doing any damage to my face, I'm fully convinced it's worth it.

Ageless Derma also has other amazing products you can choose from. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee so all of you that don't believe that this product is worth it, this guarantee says it all. You know a product that offers that is a product that really works. Mayo Clinic says, "Coenzyme Q10 reduces fine wrinkles around the eyes with no side effects." NBC News says, " a super skin-saving antioxidant." 

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in return for my full honest opinion. No compensation was made nor am I affiliated with the company. Thank you to the company for sending me this product. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Perfectly Posh Review

Have you ever heard of the Posh products? Well if you haven't you're in for a big surprise! I received 4 sample lip scrubs, 1 full size lip scrub and 1 Lip gloss. And let me tell you, I la la loved them. First and foremost, I've tried sooooo many lip scrubs and I couldn't ever find the perfect one for me. Some either didn't have enough to scrub your lips, others were too oily, some tasted awful and you know the rest. But this Posh lip scrub was the best yet. It's called, "Oh Peaches," and its a good size round product. All you do is kinda wet your lips get some scrub product with your index finger and scrub your lips gently. No need to scrub hard I promise and do that for about 10 seconds. After you are done, just grab a small wet towel and wipe it off. Your lips will feel super soft and you won't get an awful taste. This actually tastes good, even though its not for eating of course. But it's the best. I use this lip scrub every morning before I put on my lipstick or lip gloss. And this a routine I've been doing for a long time. But I did switch out my last lip scrub for this one, "Oh Peaches," because its THAT great.

I also received a beautiful lip gloss called, "Perfectly Posh," and it's part of the Posh Big Fat Yummy Lips. It's a really soft pink that I've never came across before. This lip gloss I wear every morning before work and after my lip scrub. I don't know about you, but I love a lip gloss that isn't sticky. And I can tell you a big name brand lip gloss that does that. But I won't mention any names. You would think an expensive name brand would beat a catalog brand, but you're wrong. This lip gloss isn't sticky at all. It feels super soft on my lips it lasts all day long. Makes my lips look very smooth. It doesn't stain and that's a huge plus for me. I love this Perfectly Posh lip gloss. I always keep it in my purse even though it lasts all day long.

If you would like to make a Posh purchase please contact Shaleen Ague at or vist her website at .
You can also get paid to be pretty! Start a business and get tons of products for just $99.00. It's so easy. You'll get lots of pretty products, a fabulous pretty pouch to carry it all, plus tools: LookBooks, business cards, order forms, a Pretty Protege pin, and more. You can earn commission, use your smartphone, join them at just 16 and the best part is, its your schedule, your way!
You can also order from Shaleen Ague for Perfectly Posh products and get fabulous affordable gifts for a birthday or Christmas. They have so many products you HAVE to check them out. Go ahead, visit their website at for more information or like her page on Facebook HERE. 

Disclaimer: I received the products for free in return for my honest opinion. I was not compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with the company. All opinions are my own . Thank you to Shaleen Ague for providing these amazing products for me to review. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dial A Smile: White Professional Home Teeth Whitening System Review

I've always been against whitening my teeth for some odd reason. I always thought that if I did whiten my teeth they would turn so sensitive and start hurting. Or if I stop whitening my teeth they will turn even more yellow. But it was until I tried the Dial A Smile that change my entire opinion about whitening my teeth.

I tried Dial A Smile for the first time and I have to say I love this product.

"Whitening Lightning, makers of the BEST professional home teeth whitening system on the market today has recently announced their eco/natural version of the Dial A Smile: Professional Home Teeth Whitening System.  Throw out those ineffective trays and strips that come with most teeth whitening products.  This innovative and highly effective system uses baking soda as the active whitening ingredient (not peroxide) and Whitening Lightning further recreates the professional office experience by using an LED light!  You will never go back to the low-end and ineffective whitening products after using Whitening Lightning!  Whitening Lightning has recently been featured on "The Ricki Lake Show" and on Hallmark's "Marie" (with Marie Osmond).  For more information go to! "

One of the things that I loved about it was that it came with a little teeth whitening wheel. You can put it next to your teeth and see which one it matches before you whiten your teeth. Then after you try the product see how whiter it gets. I went from a 10 to an 8 after this product.

As you can see to the left, is the light that you get with the system. I jokingly stood that way for about 20 minutes. Took a picture and instagramed it haha. And to the right is a picture I took a week later. Do you noticed something? Yup, my teeth. This picture is in no way color changed nor photshoped. This is the original picture I took one late night before going out to dance. 
I love this product. And it really changed the way I now think about whitening my teeth. Well at least with the Dial A Smile.
Right now you can get free shipping with your order of $75.00 or more at You can also follow Dial A Smile on FACEBOOK HERE TWITTER HERE

&n I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Target Finds 6/26

Yes I know, here goes the Target shopper with her finds again! =) I love Target and anyone who knows me knows this. So I'm going to make it short and quick because I only found a couple of shirts that I found and HAVE to share with everyone. Here they are....

Excuse the pants on the floor. I didn't like them anyways! But to the left is a cute 3/4 sleeve top that says, "I'm yours," Its really cute. You can wear this for any season. Of course the shorts that I'm wearing are part of my wardrobe and kind of won't go with the top. It was originally $17.99 and I found it on clearance for $5.38. The top to the right side was such a great find as well. I had seen this top maybe the beginning of June and it wasn't on sale or clearance, it was priced at $19.99. You can't really see but its a no sleeve top with a denim collar. Sheer floral top. Really cute for the summer. Like I said, $19.99 and marked down for $5.98. Such great deals. The floral top had to be my favorite because I really wanted that top. They are both in size small by the way. Thank you Target for having cute clothes on clearance!