Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sephora $10.00 giftcard Giveaway

So I know many of you ladies out there enjoy shopping at Sephora. I know I do. I decided to do a giveaway for a $10.00 giftcard. What's more nice than having $10.00 bucks to spend at Sephora.? Make sure you enter in the rafflecopter below. Don't miss this opportunity! Good Luck
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Physicians Formula Wrinkle & Firming Moisurizer Giveaway

Ever heard of Physicians Formula? Well, the other day I decided to go into CVS to browse around for a wrinkle corrector and I came across this product. Of course The Young Couponer won't go anywhere without her coupons so I had many extrabucks that I was able to grab two of these! Each priced at $19.99. I wanted to give it a try and share my experience with everyone. Then give one away. Many of us women and men are always looking for a wrinkle corrector & firming moisturizer and sometimes we can't find the right one. Well my experience with this cream was good. I saw results in about 4 days. Best part is that since it's still summer here in California this product has SPF 15. So that was even better! I wanted to host this giveaway to give someone else a chance to try out this proudct. So here it is. Make sure you enter in the rafflecopter below. Make sure you complete the MANDATORY option first before continuing. That must be done first. Goodluck
                                                                   Physician's Formula Wrinkle Corrector & Firming Moisturizer Rx111
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tiger Balm: Neck & Shoulder Rub

I recently have been loving the new Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder rub. I'll tell you why. I'm an everyday jogger. I've been jogging everyday as part of my daily exercise and of course physical fitness. I've always had an issue with my body becoming weak and sore while running. I couldn't find anything to help my soreness or weakness so I thought to myself the other day I have to try some product. I went to the store with an open mind about which product I wanted to use. I came across the Tiger Balm. You get what you pay for right? So, I bought it. I started using it about 2 days ago. And it came to my surprise that this was actually working out for me. My soreness wasn't giving me any pain anymore. I was able to run without having to stop in between. It was like a miracle almost. I then used it again the next day which was yesterday, Monday. Again, same feeling no stressed muscles. I started to think to myself, all this time I was suffering when I didn't need to. Why didn't I think of this sooner? I'm telling you, this product has made my life a lot easier. It was worth my time, money and I was glad I went out with an open mind about this. And it's not only for people who go for daily runs. This product is for anyone with pain, stressed and strained muscles. Tiger Balm also carries different products. You can check out their website here ---> TIGER BALM. They also have an awesome giveaway going on right now that I myself am entering.!! In conclusion to all of this, I'm so happy Tiger Balm has this product out.