Saturday, August 11, 2012

Andis EasyClip Qucik Style Pet Clipper Kit For Dogs Review

So I realized that grooming my Yorkie was getting a little too expensive. Taking him to PetSmart was costing me up to $80.00 a month that's $960.00 a year. It was just getting ridiculous so I had to think of an alternate. I then decided to look for a pet clipper. Of course I had to invest in one if I wanted good results. I went to PetCo and looked around for something worth my moneys worth and a great price as well. I came across Andis Pet Clipper. It wasn't the cheapest nor expensive. It was a 10 piece kit as shown in the picture I have posted on here. Store price was about $38.99, not bad I thought.

 The same day I gave the clipper a try. I didn't know what I was getting myself into not knowing how to groom my own dog. I felt lost for a second so I looked inside the box and I found myself a nice instructions sheet. Didn't give me a step by step on how to groom my dog but I still gave it a try. The ending results, an ALRIGHT job for a first timer. The clipper cuts really good. It's not as loud as other clippers out there that I've see or came across. I thought to myself perhaps the second time around I'll do a better job. Second time around came yesterday afternoon. My Yorkie needed a haircut so I took out my clipper and went for it. To my surprise I did a better job this time around than the first time. The clipper got easier for me to handle and use. My dog looks happier and less hairy.

My experience with the Andis EasyClip Clipper was a 10/10. It's easy to use. Everything fits in the bag it comes with. The cord is long enough and of course easy to handle. My decision to cut my own dogs hair will save me $960.00 a year. And all it took for me to save that amount of money was buying the Andis EasyClip Clipper for $38.99. I am so glad that I am able to do this not only for myself but for my dog too. If you are looking into buying a clipper for your dog PetCo has a great online deal for the same Andis EasyClip Clipper. Just go to this link HERE and save 20% on the clipper. Also, Andis has their own website HERE. You won't regret it coming from an individual who owns one herself. I'm surprised it would have been cheaper for me to buy it online than at the store itself. But it's ok, I love this clipper.!