Saturday, September 8, 2012

Alteril Liquid Sleep Shot Review

This week if you went shopping to Walgreen's you would have noticed the Alteril Sleep Shot on sale and it came along with an RR. Well, I went yesterday to do my weekly shopping with my mom and I got this product to complete my coupon shopping. As we were walking down the aisle looking for it my mom asked what I needed it for. I told her its part of my weekly coupon shopping. It'll come in handy one day I'm sure. Well it did!! Last night my mom decided to try it out because she was having sleeping problems which I didn't know about. I told her oh there you go, I knew it would come in handy soon! She took half of the shot at around 9pm at night. She took her shower watched TV as usual and by 9:30 pm she was in bed. What a miracle.
This morning I asked her how she felt and what her experience was like after the sleeping shot. She said she felt fine, woke up normal as always and enjoyed her sleep. I also asked her if she would try it again for a second night. Of course my mother said yes. That's when I realized OK, this product works. I got mine in Lemon Tea Flavor and only noticed that flavor available. Note this is only for adults 18 years and over.
Even though sometimes when you coupon shop for items like the Alteril Sleep Shot and you know you won't be needing it for yourself, there's always someone in the family who will need it. Trust me! I came into getting this for the RR at Walgreen's and that same night my mom ended up using it.
In conclusion, this review was 100% successful. Alteril Sleep Shot works and I also forgot to mention my mom didn't feel any side affects what so ever. But results may differ in everyone. If you would like to read more about the product feel free to visit their website Here,

*This review was on my behalf and opinions are all my own. No compensation was made.*

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  1. Trying this out tonight.I've always had sleep issues and until now I've been taking unisom sleep gels. Over dosing because I was becoming immune, I told myself "I have to stop taking these" so I'm trying alteril tonight.