Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's for dinner....

So these past few weeks, I have been thinking out of the box when it came down to cooking dinner for my family. I had gone to Walmart on Monday to buy some groceries just to have in case my outside thinking decided to use any of it. One of the things I bought was chili beans with meat valued at $0.86 cents and Great Value hot dog buns priced at just under $1.00. I kind of figured I would make that for dinner sometime this week and of course today was the day!. At just $1.86 I made these delicious chili hot dog meals for dinner. All I added was turkey weiners I bought yesterday at Fresh & Easy and sliced them up into thin slices. Let me tell you it came out better than I expected for a dinner meal. It was less messy than having the entire weiner in the bun then putting the chili beans on top. An 8pk of hotdog buns was just about enough for my family. Because even with one hotdog eveyone was full and I was happy! Let's see what this big brain of mine cooks for tomorrow!

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