Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Groceries: Store brand vs Name brand

Many of you have obviously read about people comparing store brand groceries with name brand right? I know I have lately. The other day I was at Target browsing through the dry grocery section. I noticed a couple of things that really caught my attention. The price of course and the ingredients. I first compared my most favorite, whole wheat bread with the name brand bread. Same whole wheat, same ingredients, same size, look but two totally different prices. Target brand was only $1.19 when this other name brand was priced at a crazy $3.49. For some people 3 bucks isn't much but really, who needs to spend those 3 bucks and some change on whole wheat bread with the same ingredients as the 1 dollar whole wheat bread?? I don't get it. Honest opinion and I know many others will agree but really who cares what name brand you're eating at home? Really!! I know when it comes down to cooking pasta is pasta no matter what brand it is. What matters is how much I'm spending and how much of those savings I'm saving I can use for a trip later on or use it for something else. That's how I think of it. The more I save on groceries the better chances of spending that money I didn't spend on a name brand to take a trip somewhere! So the next time you're grocery shopping ask yourself, "Who cares what name brand I'm eating," or tell yourself this, "If I pay $1.19 for this loaf of bread vs this other name brand for $3.49 perhaps I can use the $2.30 I saved to buy my daughter those crayons PLUS a coloring book that she has been wanting!" How about that one huh! =) Think about it!

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