Saturday, October 22, 2011

FunSavingMoney Beautiful Handstamped Jewelry giveaway

I love having many different jewelry for me to chose from. I usually wear necklaces the most. But I have to admit that one necklace that I have just seen is on FunSavingMoney's blog. Yup. She's actually having a giveaway for it too. It's a hand stamped necklace I believe with all her mothers children's name on it. Isn't that nice? If you want to see the picture head over to her blog.  I'm thinking hey this would be a great Christmas gift or even for a wedding gift. This is way too nice. So I thought it would of been nicer to share with each and everyone one of you to head over to her blog HERE and enter for a chance to win it. You never know until you try right? Good luck everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ascending Butterfly Bearpaw giveaway!

The fall is here, put on your coats, boots, and your warmest clothes on. Well no quite yet here in California, but I know for sure for some of you it's nice and cold. One of my favorite things about Fall is that I can be able to wear my warm fuzzy Ugg boots. I love them! I can dress myself without even worrying about if I match or not because they pretty much match with anything I wear! Great! Lately I have been wanting to try a different brand of boots and my eye has been on the Bearpaw boots. I hear that they are just like the Uggs but a lot more affordable. I haven't really been able to check them out due to my busy schedule but soon I will. Another cool thing is that I came across a blogger, Ascending Butterfly, and you can check out her blog HERE. She's actually having a giveaway for some Bearpaw boots. Now how about that? Wonderful right? So guess I'll be entering. You just never know. I checked out Bearpaws website, HERE, and I actually found a pair that I really liked. They're the victorian boots in the chocolate color. They're so cute! Go ahead and enter for your chance to win as well. These would be so cute right? And while you are at it add Ascending Butterfly on GFC to receive email updates and more. Good luck!

Bearpaw Shoes

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FunSavingMoney 24-hour Halloween candy giveaway!

Is anyone else excited for Halloween this year? I am. Especially the candy. Oh I'm so bad! There goes another trip to the dentist. A more strict diet after this too. But it's OK, it's all worth it right! I haven't really gone out to buy candy just yet for the kids. Reason why is because right now, Funsavingmoney is having an awesome 24 hour giveaway. She's giving away a variety of Halloween candy! Now how about that? That would be a great money saver if I won don't you think? Go HERE to enter for your chance to win. Good luck everyone!

Cinch Energy Tea review

Have you every felt really lazy during the day? Tried coffee, energy drinks, energy shots and none of it still didn't work? I know I have. Whats so strange is that even after trying all those products instead of them all waking me up, it made me even more tired so I ended up falling asleep or lacked energy all day. And of course it was hard to focus right? That's exactly how I felt this past Sunday morning. I had planned my day as always. Wake up, clean and study all day for a test I had yesterday, Tuesday. Turned out that I woke up, cleaned and went back to sleep. For some odd reason I felt really tired, lazy, sleepy, felt a huge lack of energy the entire morning. I had never felt that way, but I'm assuming its the weather. Perhaps an excuse? I couldn't focus on my studying at all. I was worried about myself for a second. Until I had remembered that a friend of mine from Facebook, Renee Sullivan, a Health and Wellness Educator had sent me a free sample of a Shaklee Cinch Tea with an energy booster. Now, I'm thinking to myself well if all these other products out there didn't work for me what makes me think this will? But then again you never know until you try the product right? Exactly! So I did. Poured it in a cup of water and drank it. I waited about 5 minutes until I started to feel it kick in really well. All of a sudden, I felt this huge increase of energy. I wasn't tired nor sleepy anymore. I felt awake and ready to study. And so I did. I studied and really focused on what I was doing. I felt great. Now I wouldn't review anything that I didn't think was worth reviewing, so I'm letting everyone out there know this product works! I wrote to Renee yesterday thanking her for the sample and asked her if it was okay to send my readers to "like" her page on facebook and provide everyone with her information. So I would like for everyone to go and follow here on her Facebook page HERE. You can also read more about the product at If you have any questions for Renee you can also visit her facebook page and email her or comment on her page.

Oh the Joys of boys: Prefense giveaway

Ever wonder which hand sanitizer is the best out there? Especially for your young ones who tend to have dirty hands most of the time? So do I. I'm a student nurse so I spend every Saturday at the hospital giving care to residents & patients all day. Of course I wear gloves and wash my hands. After that I use the hand sanitizer provided for us, but sometimes it makes me want to go back and wash my hands one last time. Just to assure myself that I have clean hands. I came across a blogger, Oh the Joys of boys, who has a review and a special giveaway for a hand sanitizer called, Pre-fense. She says, "We are extremely cautious when it comes to hand sanitizer, especially with Spank. We usually don't let him use it, or try to limit it due to the alcohol in it and every now and then he will decide to put his hands in his mouth. I just have never been comfortable with the idea of it, so we limit it to only when necessary. I always look in the stores for alcohol-free kinds, but have never looked any further."

So you are probably thinking, is this also safe for my child? By the sounds of it, she personally does think so. Head over to her blog HERE and see what she has to say about this product. And while you are at it, take a few minutes to add her on google friend connect, on facebook, twitter and subscribe to her emails. And don't forget to also enter her giveaway for a chance to win a bottle of Pre-fense. Good luck everyone!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Go YAY! My Life With Mini Pigs giveaway

Do you have a pet you love so much you would do anything for it? Have it be part of the family even in holiday pictures? I do. His name is Diamond. My 1 year old Yorkie whom I would do anything in this world for him. Spoil him and give him my unconditional love. I know many of us also have different types of pets as well. Horses, birds, lizards, etc. Go YAY, a blogger, has a giveaway going on right now. It's a book called, "My Life With Mini Pigs."
"Matt Whyman, a successful novelist, enjoys a quiet writer’s life in the English countryside … until his career wife, Emma, discovers the existence of a pig said to fit inside a handbag. She believes not one but two would be a perfect addition to the already diverse Whyman clan, which includes one wolf-like dog, a freaked-out feline, their wild bunch of ex-battery chickens as well as four challenging children. In reality, nobody could anticipate the trials and misadventures two riotous, raucous little piglets could bring. From turning Whyman’s office into a literal pigsty, stealing his spot on the family sofa to trashing his neighbor’s garden while drunk on fermented apples, Butch and Roxi swiftly establish themselves as “animals of mass distraction.”
You can go over to her page HERE for a chance to win this amazing interesting book. Good luck everyone

Sunday, October 16, 2011

5 Coupon insert giveaway

I love having extra coupons in my binder or just even to have enough to share with family and friends. Don't you? I know you do. Right now, How to Start Couponing is having their first giveaway by giving away 5 whole inserts to 1 lucky winner! Go HERE and enter for your chance to win. Good luck everyone

Wilton Halloween Prize Packet

I love having Halloween parties every year. It's one of the most creative days out of the whole year for us. We love to get the kids and make different things such as cakes, cupcakes, scary, cute you name it. The kids love to dress up as well as the adults of course. It's just one of those days where we all get to do something fun with everyone. Right now if you head over to Mom2zqb, HERE you can enter one of her amazing giveaways for Halloween this year . It's called the Wilton Halloween prize packet. And while you are add it, go ahead and like Wilton on facebook HERE. This is such a great idea for those of you who would love to have this. Throwing a Halloween party? Well go ahead and enter for your chance to win this prize pack! Good luck!!