Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun Saving Money Envyderm Volume Mascara giveaway

How many of you have a really hard time finding that one perfect mascara? *Raising my hand* I sure do! I have really thin and really annoying straight eyelashes that I just can never find a perfect mascara that fits me well. I've heard really good things about Envyderm Mascara from reviews online. Fun saving money also has her own opinions about the mascara aswell if you head over HERE. She also has a giveaway for the mascara so go ahead and take advantage. Good Luck everyone

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mama's Musings Babar giveaway

I grew up watching Babar. Just thinking about it takes me back to my childhood, what great memories with this show. I haven't seen it on television lately at all. Only on DVDs if I can remember. Wish they can pass some episodes of Babar again! Anywho, if you love Barbar too or have little young ones who would love Barbar like some of us do, Mama's Musings has a review about one of Barbars DVDs and along with that a wonderful giveaway for all you Barbar lovers! Just head HERE and enter her giveaway! Remember to also follow her on Google Friend Connect to keep in touch with her daily blog! Good luck everyone!

Mama to 4 Blessings Thomas & Friends giveaway

I love Thomas & Friends! They are the cutest cho-cho trains for kids ever! I remember watching them when I was younger and I'm glad to still see them around for young kids to watch them. Their DVDs are even better. When your young one needs a nap and theres no way to calm them down, just pop in a Thomas movie and I promise they will fall to sleep! Don't have a DVD video, well no worries. Mama to 4 Blessings has a DVD of Thomas & Friends giveaway on her blog. Just go HERE and enter for your chance to win! Good Luck everyone

Lunch Bots Duo Snack Stainless Steel Snack Container? I WANT IN!

LunchBots Duo Stainless Steel Snack Container
I usually pack up 3 lunches every morning, mine, my moms and my little brothers. Sometimes we use paper bags and other times we use regular tupperware. I get tired of using the bags ofcourse who wouldnt and the tupperware stains with whatever food i put in it.! Well, since I want to try something new, I entered for a chance to review a new product that has me going crazy to try it! Its LunchBots duo stainless steel snack container. Its eco-friendly, say what? I've never tried that before. But would love to see what its like to carry that around 5 days a week! I hope I get in because I WANT IN!!!

Fun Saving Mom Betty Crocker giveaway

One of my favorite things to snack on are Betty Crocker brownies.! YUM-O! I know I know, what a naughty snack for me to eat! But I still love them.! Another thing I love about Betty Crocker is that every box has a box top for education. I've just began to collect these for my little brothers school. Hoping it will make a difference later on after collecting so many! An education is the best way to go in life! You want to know what else is the best right now? Fun Saving Mom is giving away a fun kit filled with Betty Crocker fillings. Check her blog page HERE and enter her giveaway! Good luck everyone!