Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun Saving Money Eyewittness Book Series giveaway

"It's my believe that if you give your child something interesting and fun to read it will not only help them in their reading skills but it will be a fun activity that they can actually enjoy." FSM
I totally agree with fun saving money on that statement. Right now you can enter her Eyewittness Book Series giveaway HERE and goodluck

Fun Saving Money Rizzoli & Isles

Head over to FSM for a chance to win her Rizzoli & Isles giveaway. Never watched this show so I think I'll take a chance to see if I could win and watch it. I love crime shows so perhaps this might be a really good series to watch.
Head over HERE

Fun Saving Money Falling Skies giveaway

Have you ever watched Falling Skies on TNT? Yeah me niether, but it sounds really cool and interesting when you think about it.
Fun Saving Money has a cool giveaway going on right now for a chance to see their new series show. Just go to her blog HERE and enter. goodluck!

Fun Saving Money Journey Gym giveaway

Love working out. This summer I have accomplished to lose 16 pounds and I am proud.  If you wanna lose some pounds too, Fun Saving Money has a great giveaway from Journey Gym for everyone to enter HERE. Take the chance to keep a nice gym in your closet without the clutter look. Goodluck!

Fun Saving Money Netbook Tablet giveaway

WOWZA. Fun Saving Money just keeps getting better and better with all her giveaways. Head over to her blog HERE for a chance to win a Netbook Tablet. It has some really awesome features. Very handy and best of all a chance to have one of these in your hands. Ive been trying to win one of these before I buy one. Pretty expensive if you ask me. So give it a try!

Fun Saving Money Goosebumps giveaway

Right now if you head over to Fun Saving Money's blog HERE you can enter for a chance to win some awesome Goosebumps prizes. I remember way back during my elementary days when I would read these books nonstop. It was the thrill that kept me into them. I miss those days now that I think of it. Goosebumps also had a show which is no longer showing. I always used to watch those too! Great memories. And a great giveaway to bring those memories back huh?