Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free Kaboom Foam-Tastic!

Loving this free product, Kaboom foam-tastic. You can request for a free bottle HERE and put in coupon code: freekaboomtixc I just requested mine so go get yours before they run out!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Free Sample of Jif To Go

Head over HERE and request your free sample of Jif To Go peanut butter!

Walgreens: July Coupon Booklet

Here is the new Walgreens July Coupon Booklet.  These coupons are valid 6/26 – 7/30 and should be in stores on June 26th.
$0.50/2 Deerfield Trading Company Soda, 16 oz
$0.50/1 Florida’s Natural Orange Juice, 33.8 oz
$0.25/1 Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Bar, 3 oz, Dibs Crunch, 4 oz, Skinny Cow Sandwich, 4 oz, Toll House Sandwich, 6 oz, Drumstick, 7 oz
$1.00/2 Life Savers, 15.6 oz, Starburst, Skittles, 16.8 oz
$1.00/1 Lipton Green Tea, 12 pk 16.9 oz
$1.00/2 Mars M&M’s, 9.9 – 12.6 oz
$1.00/2 Milka Chocolate Bar, 3.52 oz
$0.50/1 Poland Spring or Ice Mountain Water, 24 pk, 16.9 oz each
$3.00/1 Rock On Shots, 6 pk 2 oz each
$0.50/1 Simply Apple, Lemonade or Orange 13.5 or 59 oz
$1.00/2 Starbucks Frappuccino, 13.7 or Double Shot, 15 oz
$4.00/1 Lumene Skin Care, 1 – 3.4 oz
$3.00/1 Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Complete Acne Therapy System
$1.00/1 Neutrogena Wave Sonic Power-Cleanser
$1.00/1 Revlon Nail Color or Care
$3.00/1 Revlon Scissors, Nippers, Shears or Brow Set
$2.00/1 Samy Hair Care Products, 1.75 – 10 oz
$3.00/1 University Medical AcneFree Kits
$1.00/1 University Medical AcneFree Mask, Terminator, Cleanser or Facial Scrub
$2.50/1 Allation, 6 oz, Lubricant & Moisturizer, 5 oz, Massage 2 in 1 Variety, 2 pk
$5.00/1 Aquify Multi-Purpose Solution, 2 pk 12 oz each or Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution, 2 pk 15 oz each
$3.00/2 Carefree Pantiliners, 16 – 60 pk
$1.00/1 Clear Eyes, .5 oz
$10.00/1 KY Intense Gel, .34 oz
$1.00/1 Veripur Hand Sanitizer, 3 or 13 oz
$5.00/1 Zaditor Eye Drops, 2 pk .17 each or Genteal Eye Gel, 2 pk 10 ml each
$1.00/1 Allegra 24 Hour Allergy Relief, 15 ct
$5.00/1 At Home 12 panel drug test
$2.00/1 Azo PMS Relief, 24 ct
$1.00/1 Bayer 81mg Low Dose Aspirin, 32 ct
$5.00/1 Bayer Contour Test Strips, 25 pk or Microlet Colored Lancets, 100 pk
$2.00/1 Benefiber, Powder 6.4 – 16.7 oz, Chewable 100, Caplets 114 ct, Stick Pk 24 or 28 pk
$1.00/1 Campho-Phenique Antibiotic, Liquid 1.5 oz or Gel, .5 oz or Bactine Pump Spray, 5 oz
$2.00/1 CharcoCaps, 36 ct
$2.00/1 Compound W Wart Removal, Liquid .31 oz, Gel .25 oz or Strips 14 pk
$3.00/1 Dulcolax Laxative, Tablets 100 ct, Suppositories 28 pk, Stool Softener 100 ct
$1.00/1 Fungi Nail Antifungal Pen or Solution, 10 oz
$2.00/1 Gax-X, 18 – 72 ct or Thin Strips 18 pk, Maalox 12 or 26 oz or 90 ct, Ex-Lax, Chocolate 24 ct or Pills 24 – 90 ct
$2.00/1 Hyland’s Leg Cramps with Quinine, 40 ct or Restful Legs, 50 ct
$2.00/1 NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit
$10.00/1 Neuragen Nerve Pain Gel, .25 oz or Neuragen PN Topical Solution, .17 oz
$4.00/1 Lactaid Fast Act Digestive Relief, 60 ct
$3.00/1 Lamisil Anti-fungal, Cream .42 or 1 oz or spray 4.2 oz
$2.00/1 Lanacane, Cream 1 oz or Spray 3.5 oz
$5.00/1 Miranel Anti-fungal Foot Cream, 1 oz
$30.00/1 OneTouch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitor
$2.00/1 Phillips Colon Health, 30 ct
$3.00/1 Prevacid 24 Hour, 42 ct
$2.00/1 Prunelax Ciruelax Dietary Supplement, 60 ct
$2.00/1 SalonPas Arthritis Pain or Pain Relief Patch, 5 pk
$5.00/1 Slow-Mag Magnesium Supplements, 60 ct
$2.00/1 Super Colon Cleanse, 120 ct
$2.00/1 Tineacide Anti-fungal Cream 1.25 oz
$1.00/1 Tums 60 – 150 ct
$3.00/1 Tylenol Precise Pain Relief, Cream 2.5 oz or Patch 3 or 4 pk
$2.00/1 Zantac, 24 or 30 ct
$3.00/1 Zegrid, 14 ct
$3.00/1 Brita, Pitcher 48 oz Replacement Filters 3 pk
$2.00/1 Cutter Skinsations or Backwoods Insect Repellents, 7.5 oz
$2.00/1 Glade Sense & Spray, .43 oz
$1.00/1 Hefty, Gripper 13 gal, 40 pk or CinchSak 13 – 39 gal, 18 – 45 pk Trash Bags
$1.00/1 Hot Shop Roach & Ant, 17.5 oz or Wasp & Hornet, 14 oz
$0.50/1 Kleenex Facial Tissue, 4 pk Upright Bundle 60 sheets each
$1.00/1 Lysol, 19 oz
$1.00/1 OFF! or Raid Products
$1.00/1 Viva Paper Towels, 6 pk 50 sheets each
$1.00/1 PediaSure Shakes, 4 or 6 pk, 8 oz each
$1.00/1 A&D Zinc Oxide, Cream 4 oz, Ointment 1.5 or 4 oz or Cream Jar 16 oz
$2.00/1 Aquafresh Training Tooth & Gum Cleanser Kit
$2.00/1 Avent Pacifiers or Baby Nipples, 2 pk or Bottle 9 oz
$2.00/1 Born Free Trainer Cup or Baby Bottle, 9 oz
$1.00/2 Comfort Smooth Baby Wipes, 64 – 78 pk
$2.00/1 Dr. Brown’s Baby Nipples, 2 pk or Bottle 8 oz
$1.00/1 Dreft 2x Liquid Detergent, 32 loads
$2.00/1 Enfagrow, 24 oz, Enfamil Premium, Single Serve, Infant Formula, 16 pk, Nursettes, 4 – 8 pk
$3.00/1 Enfamil Premium, 35 oz or Gentlease Infant Formula, 33.2 oz
$2.00/1 Gentle Naturals Eczema Cream, 4 oz, Enzema Wash, 5.5 oz, Tummy Soother, 4 oz
$2.00/1 Gripe Water, 4 oz
$1.00/1 Huggies Wipes, 64 or 72 pk
$2.00/1 Hyland’s Complete Allergy 4 Kids, 4 oz
$2.00/1 Johnson & Johnson Desitin, 16 oz
$2.00/1 Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Pads, 2 or 36 pk, Milk Storage Bags, 25 pk, Ointment, 2 oz
$2.00/1 PediaCare Fever Reducer Suspension, 4 oz or Infant Drops, .5 or 10 oz
$2.00/1 PediaCare Infant Gas Relief Drops, 1 oz
$1.00/1 Raz Baby Raz Berry Silicone Teether or Keep it Kleen Pacifier
$1.00/1 Similac Advance or Sensitive Soy Infant Formula, 6 pk, 8 oz each
$2.00/1 Thum, .2 oz, Thumb Sucking, Nail Biting
$2.00/1 Triaminic Fever Reducer Infant Drops, .5oz
$3.00/1 Expo Washable Dry Erase Markers, 6 pk
$1.00/1 Kodak, 35 mm Film 200 or 400 speed 24 exp
$1.00/1 Sharpie, Pens 2 pk or Markers 3 pk
$1.00/1 W Deluxe Cut ‘N Crush
$1.00/1 W Heavy Duty Packing Tape 1.88x 38.2 yds
$5.00/1 Wal-Fex 24 Hour Relief, 150 ct
$5.00/1 Wal-itin Allergy Relief, 300 ct
$5.00/1 Wal-Zyr Allergy Relief, 300 ct
$2.00/1 W Nasal Wash or Neti Pot Kit, with 30 refills or Sinus Wash Refills, 100 pk
$3.00/1 W Senna, 300 ct
$3.00/1 W Stool Softener, 400 ct

Clearnace nailpolish finds at Walgreens

So I had a total of $5.00 in RRs that were going to expire yesterday so I had to use them because it would be a shame if I didnt. I'm a nailpolish collector. I love changing up my nail color at least once a week. So I though I'll buy some polish. I found (2) Rimmels on clearance for $1.09 (same color) and (2) sally hansen HD nailpolishes for $1.79 total before coupons: $5.76 used my $5.00 and it came down to $0.76 for all 4 or $0.19 each. Good deal!

Walgreens trip for this week 6/19-6/25

Walgreens wasnt as good this week with their register reward deals. I was sort of disappointed with that but my trip overall was a bit frustrating. Not with my shopping but with the cashier. For some reason, when I go to walgreens, well the one I go to, I always look at the cashier to make sure I don't get the one lady that gives me a hard time with the coupons. I hadnt seen her for a while, but I did yesterday. I thought to myself, oh gosh, here we go again, lets see how she tries to stop me from using my coupons this time.

Transaction #1
(2) gillette bodywashes -$4.99 each *$2.99 with in-ad coupon*
(6) royal gelatins- $0.19 each =$1.14

used (1) b1g1 gillette bodywash and (1) $2.00 off 1 gillette bodywash
*heres where it went wrong. Cashier insisted I couldn't use the gillette coupons on only 2 products. I was using the b1g1 and a $2.00/1 coupon. I had to have 3 bodywashes in order to use both coupons. I nicely looked at her and asked her to please get me a manager. Long line forming and I don't care I knew she was wrong just like she always is. While waiting for the manager she kept trying to convince me that I was wrong and I couldnt do that. I looked at her and told her I understood what she's trying to tell me, I've been doing this for way too long to agree with her statement I still wanted to speak with the manager. Manager gets there, cashier explains they cant do that it wont work. Manager asked if the coupons scanned, cashier said she hadnt tried it, she scanned both coupons and wata you know, they both went through. She looked at me and gave me the stank eye. Handed me my receipt and didnt say a thing.

total before coupons- $$11.12
Total after coupons $0.13 cents

Transaction #2
(2) gillette bodywashes -$4.99 each *$2.99 with in ad coupon*
(3) hunts tomatoe sauce- $0.99 each * 3/$1.00 with in ad coupon*
(1) royal gelatin -$0.19

total before coupons: $13.14
total after coupons: -$0.18

I also picked up my free father's day photo collage that I made online.

Transaction #3
(1) gillette razor -$9.89
(1) royal gelatin- $0.19

total before coupons -$10.08
total after coupons:-$.96
recieved $5.00 back in RR

Not bad but bad cashier expierience. Now one thing I did notice when I got home and looked over my receipts was that for the gillette bodywash instead of taking away the $2.99 for those she took away $4.99 for the b1g1 coupon. I guess she was too upset at the fact that I was right that she got distracted and wanted to get rid of me. I didn't want to go back and have to phase her again for taking an additional $2.00 off. I've had enough just seeing her. I'm really a nice person, really nice. Not trying to brag but I am. But when it comes down to someone whose keeping me from trying to save and making up stories about how the coupon I have aren't for the items I got or I need to buy more than what I have, we have a problem. I love to save money. I really do and God bless the old lady but I just think she hates couponers. Never feel that the cashier is right, because I used to work at a drugstore and my manager always said to us, "the customer is always right." And I was. So speak to a manager if this ever happens to you. Don't feel embarrased because in the end, no one eles is paying for your stuff except you. So if you're paying $3.00 more dollars than $0.99 for an item with a coupon then you are really wasting your money and time standing in line and letting the cashier prove you wrong when your're right.  And take the walgreens survey and give them your feedback. Feedback always works too!

CVS trip for this week 6/19-6/25

This week CVS had some really good deals, I thought, and they did. I walked outa my local CVS with $5.00 no more and had $4.68 left over. I was excited to post my (2) transactions so here they are. Note I also used last weeks extra bucks to help my total go down. Tip: Always save your weekly extra bucks for the following week and use them on extrabucks sales. It always helps to do that and trust me you will save 2xs sometimes 3xs more than you expected.

Transaction #1
(2) Panteen products- 2/$6.97 *get $2.00 eb*
(1) la looks gel- $2.99 *get $2.00 eb*
(2) colgate toothpaste- $2.79 ea = $5.58 *get $2.00 eb or $4.00 eb for buying 2*
(1) powerbar energy protein -$2.49 *get $2.49 in eb*

total before coupons: $18.03
I used a $3.00 off a $15.00 dollar purchase coupon from the red machine
total after coupons: $9.04
total after extrabucks from last week: $0.04 cents
recieved a total of $10.49 back in eb.

Transaction #2
(1) Pampers baby wipes 65ct- $3.79
(2) schick hydro 5 razors -$9.99 B1G1 *NOTE the hydro 5 is more expensive than the hydro 3*
(2) filler items clearanced childrens books at $0.25 each =$0.50

total before coupons: $24.27
total after coupons: $4.28
total after extra bucks from last transaction $0.28 cents. I used the $4.00 eb from the colgate

Didnt get any eb from transaction #2 but I still did good and I still have a total of $6.49 in eb for next week.