Saturday, June 18, 2011

Free Motts for Tots from Vocalpoint

Have you heard of Vocalpoint? If you haven't youre missing out! They offer freebies, coupons and lots of fun stuff for you and your family. Right now they're offering free Motts for Tots. Just sign up with them if you haven't yet HERE and claim your free Motts now.
"We know you love to treat your readers to tasty tidbits. How 'bout this one: Mott's for Tots® has 40% less sugar than 100% apple juice and a great taste kids love—it's an easy and healthy way to spoil 'em." - VocalPoint

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kohl’s Friends & Family 20% off Coupon!

Kohls is having an in store friends and family event this weekend. You can print out their 20% off coupon HERE. This Kohl’s coupon is good for 20% off EVERYTHING! And best of all this oupon is valid Thursday, June 16th  - Sunday, June 19th. So for all you late shoppers. Ive been posting a few choices since last week things you can get for father's day either for free or close to free. So take advantage!

Free 8×10 Photo Collage at Walgreens!

I recieved a text alert from Walgreens this morning about their free Father's Day photo collage. You can order it online and pick it up at your local Walgreens. At the checkout online use the promo code 1FREEBIE. For those of you who still havent gotten dad anything for this Sunday coming up, this would be a great idea. You can never go wrong with a free collage of your dad. You can always head out to the dollar store and buy a frame for it. This offer is valid now through 6/18

Franks Red Hot Sauce only $0.48 at Walmart

Right now you can grab a $0.50/1 Franks Red Hot sauce coupon HERE and use it at Walmart. How much is the sauce? The regular price for the sauce is $0.98 cents. Use the $0.50 off and pay only $0.48 oop. Good deal.

Free PawSafe Household Cleaners at Petsmart!

Now through June 25th Petsmart has PawSafe Household Cleaners on sale for $0.99!  Use the $1.00 off PawSafe coupon and get the cleaner for FREE! I'll be heading out today just incase! Grab your coupon HERE

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Target coupon policy change!

So all of you may know that I love shopping at Target. That store always has great deals and good clearnace prices. They have daily price cuts and it's just my favorite store hands down. As many of you may have heard, they changed their coupon policy. I'm guessing this is change #1 and change #2. My personal opinion is that more stores are going to change their coupon policy due to the millions of couponers out there now getting not only getting products for cheap but also for free. Now I dont understand why this has became an issue I mean stores are getting thier money back on every coupon used right? Anyways here it is.

Change #1
BOGO coupons cannot be combined (i.e. you cannot use two BOGO coupons on two items and get both for free).

The second change:
A second cents-off coupon of the same type cannot be redeemed towards the purchase price of the first item.
o If a Target BOGO coupon is used, one additional manufacturer coupon maybe used on the first item.
o If a Manufacturer BOGO coupon is used, one additional Target coupon may be used on the first item.
This is a very important change because in essence Target is saying that you can not use a second manufacturer coupon when you are using a BOGO manufacturer coupon. You can use a second Target coupon though. So this means that scenarios like the one below will not be allowed (the coupons mentioned are just for illustration purposes, they are not actual coupons)

NOT allowed:
Buy two Gillette Body wash $3.99
Use one $2/1 Gillette Body wash coupon from 5/1 P&G insert
PLUS Use one BOGO Gillette Body wash coupon from 5/1 P&G insert
Pay $1.99 for two after coupons
BUT you can do:
Buy two Gillette Body wash $3.99
Use one $2/1 Gillette Body wash TARGET coupon from homemailer
PLUS Use one BOGO Gillette Body wash coupon from 5/1 P&G insert
Pay $1.99 for two after coupons
OR you can also do:
Buy two Gillette Body wash $3.99
Use one $2/1 Gillette Body wash coupon from 5/1 P&G insert
PLUS Use one BOGO Gillette Body wash TARGET coupon from homemaile
Pay $1.99 for two after coupons

This is a very important change especially if you shop at Target often like I do or even when putting together your trips keep in mind of this change. I would also recommend printing this change out and keeping it in your coupon binder just incase you get stuck or you forget how it works. What a bummer that this has changed but I won't be surprised if they change another coupon policy soon!

$0.99 cents for a Pepsi or Diet Pepsi 12pk @CVS today only

Just got back home from CVS and grabbed my 12 pk of Pepsi for $0.99 cents. Yup thats right! It's not advertised so make sure you take the first step and scan your cvs card at the red machine. There you will get the coupon for the soda. You have a choice between the regular pepsi or the diet pepsi. The manager had asked me where I got the coupon from and I told him the red machine. He had told me that not every customer is getting the coupon from the red machine so if this happens to you, wait about 5-10 mins and scan your cvs card again. PLUS you can also grab a free Hershey bar for free at Just click on their coupon tab and print out your coupon. This is my transaction!
NOTE: I used a $1.00 extra buck from this weeks trip to help my total go lower!

(1) 12pk Pepsi- $3.34+CRV *$0.99 with cvs coupon at the red machine*
(1) Hershey Air Delight bar- $1.19 *free with coupon on*

total before coupons including crv- $5.13
*crv for me was $0.60 or $0.05 each can x's 12=$0.60*
total after coupons including crv-$1.59 +tax =$1.71
used my $1.00 extra buck my total after was $0.71 in change

total savings - $7.19
It always helps to use your extra bucks wisely. For this transaction I decided that my $1.00 EB would really help me and it did. I didn't even have to wipe out my debit card instead I used my change. I find it much more stress free using change than to have to use your card for $0.71 cents. Remember this offer is only today so go out and take advantage!

Save up to $5.00 from RightAtHome

Right now RightAtHome is offering some nice coupons on ziploc, shout and OFF products. Click HERE to print them out.

Get $5.00 worth in coupons from Kellogs

Grab these now before they're gone. If you havent registered with Kellogs do so HERE and start printing out your coupons. If you havent yet seen, Ralphs has a promotion going on right now and some of their participating items include Kellogs.

Enter the Johnsons photo contest

Have you heard? Johnsons is offering parents to enter their photo contest for a chance to win a $25,000.00 dollar scholarship and other great prizes. The theme is, treasuring the joy of bubble baths. You think you got what it takes? Well dont waste anymore time and just click HERE to enter!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FREE Juicy Juice at Ralphs starting 6/15-6-21

Just recieved my Ralphs ad in the mail and this week they're having my favorite promotion going on starting tomorrow, 6/15. Please check your ad to verify this as it does differ by location. Prices are according to my ad here in Southern California. They have Juicy Juice 64oz or their slim pack 8 count is on sale for $0.99, when you buy any 5 participating items with your savings card. You can print a $0.55 coupon which will double up to $1.00 here in my area, once again please call your local Ralphs to verify their doubling policy. The $1.00 will make the Juciy Juice totally free! Go HERE and sign up with them and print out your coupons. You can print up to (2) per computer. Print yours now and prevent from losing out!

Target Wall Shelf only $4.99! WOW has launched some new coupons the other day. As I was browsing I came across a $10.00 off any Bathroom furnishing item. I also found an item you can get for as low as $4.99. The Wall shelf up above is priced at $14.99. Use the target coupon for $10.00 off making it only $4.99.  This would be a good buy if your remodeling your restroom like I'm trying to but havent finished just yet. Or it can be a gift for someone you know. Or simply just replace the one you have with this one. Click HERE to print out your coupon.

FREE kids meal at Chilis only today! June 14

What an awesome coupon. I recieved this coupon HERE to Chilis. All kids ages 12 and under eat free! Only today, June 14. Why not treat your kids to dinner for free today. Free is always a good word!

Free Deluxe Sample of Murad Moisturizer at Sephora Express JCPenney!

You can receive a FREE Express Service skin care consultation and after they’ll send you home with a deluxe sample of Murad Oil-Control Mattifier Moisturizer SPF 15.
Deluxe Sample sounds. Coupon is valid through 7/13 or while supplies last! Just click HERE to print out your coupon

Free game & printable coloring book

From my inbox to yours. If you join Team Umizoomi you can get a free game and a free coloring book. Remember these offers are printable. If you have a child who loves to color, you can print Umizoomis coloring book through your printer and keep him/her entertained. Join Team Umizoomi HERE

Make tonight delicious

Make tonight delicious with Kraft recipes. Today its Low-Fat Zesty Shrimp. Yummm!!! Get the recipe HERE

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Trip to Walgreens

Todays trip to Walgreens went well. The only item they didnt have in yet was the Wal-Fex which I didn't mind not getting because I have way too many allergy pills I just don't have much room for anymore. Note I did use some register rewards from last weeks trip to help my total go down.

I don't think I did too well. It seems like I bought alot at the check out but I really only bought 8 items.

Transaction 1
(1) airwick - $7.99
(2) cruch nestle bars- $0.39 each = $0.78
(1) blistex- $2.00
(1) bayer- $3.00
total before coupons: $13.77
total after coupons: $5.27
recieved back $6.00 in RR
total savings here: $8.50

Transaction 2
(1) colgate toothbrush - $2.99
(2) crunch nestle bars- $0.78
total before coupons: 3.77
total after coupons: $2.52
recieved back $2.00 in RR
total savings here: $1.25

Sunday Trip to CVS

I love doing all my shopping on Sundays right when the new sales start. Why? Well lets just say I've been seeing more and more individuals in my area using coupons and buying more than 1 leaving empty shelfs =/. So that's why I decided Sunday early morning would be a better idea for me.
Went to CVS this morning and was amazed at my total. I tried to keep it under $5.00 and I did. Here it is! Note I used some extrabucks from last weeks trip. A tip I always use is to save your extrabucks for next weeks extrabuck deals. It always works.
(2) purex detergent- $1.98 *I had a raincheck for these* = $3.96
(3) tic tacs (buy 2 get the 3rd one for $0.01 each tic tac was $1.67) = $3.35
(1) Motrin $4.00
(1) Bayer- $3.00
(1) zyrtec- $5.99
(1) hydro razor- $8.00

total before coupons and without my savings card: $44.55
total before coupons BUT with my savings card: $28.30
*you can save alot with your savings card so make sure you apply for one! Here with it I saved $16.25
total after coupons: $2.58
Got back a total of $9.99 back in extra bucks
Total savings in total $41.97 that's almost my entire purchase without my savings card OR any coupons. What a huge difference. This is why I never pay retail.

Transaction 1
(1) hydro razor- $8.00
Used a $4.00 from todays paper SS 6/12
and I also used a $4.00 extra buck from last week
Total: FREE I only paid for tax which was $0.39 cents and I got back $4.00 extra bucks

Transaction 2
(2) Purex - $1.98 each = $3.96
(3) tic tacs = $3.35
used a raincheck for the purex and (2) $1.00 off for the purex that expires today
used (2) $0.75 off for the tic tacs from todays paper 6/12
used the $4.00 extra buck from transaction 1
total $-0.19 cents luckily my tax saved me!! So I ended up paying only $0.20

Transaction 3
(1) motrin pm- $4.00
(1) zyrtec - $5.99
(1) bayer- $3.00
used a $2.00 coupon for the bayer from todays SS paper 6/12
used a $4.00 coupon for any zyrtec I believe it came from the 4/10 RP it expires 7/31
used a $1.00 off motrin from todays paper aswell
used (2) $2.00 extra bucks from last weeks trip
total- $1.99 and I got back a total of $9.99 in extra bucks.