Friday, April 22, 2011

Request your Home Made Simple Organize in style booklet of coupons!

In the past I have requested 2 of these booklets (different ofcourse) and they have been very handy for me. This booklet contains over $35.00 worth of coupons. Just fill out the form HERE and you should recieve your booklet 4-6 weeks. Don't miss this opportunity!

CVS trip for 4/24

Here is what I will be getting at CVS on Sunday again to avoid those empty shelfs.!

Note I still have my extra bucks from 2 weeks ago so I think with this trip it will save me even more than I had planned.

**(1) Blink tears eye drops- $7.99 each *I will get $7.99 back in extra bucks making this item free* I found a $1.00 off 1 in one of the smart source inserts that I did not mistake!
**(2) schick hydro 2 or 5 razor B1G1-$8.99 each. You can go on my previous post about printing them on facebook. Use (2) $3.00 off =$6.00 off $8.99 making both $1.99
**(2) Honest Tea drink - 12/$10.00 ($0.83 cents each) You can print out a B1G1 coupon if you like Honest Tea on Facebook.
**(3) Dove deodorant-$0.99 each *I belive the limit is 5* I will be grabbing 3. If you were lucky you could have printed a coupon at for $1.00 off 1. I think they have reached their printing limit yesterday.

Total without coupons: $21.61. Total with coupons $1.61 Plus I will be getting a $7.99 extra buck rewards making this trip a $6.38 moneymaker. Each item costing me about $0.20 cents each.

Walgreens trip for 4/24

Here is what I plan to get at Walgreens this next week on 4/24. I am hoping to get in by the time they open on Sunday morning to avoid empty shelfs.! =)

**Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, 100 packets or Granulated, 3.8 oz- $2.99 each
Buy 3, Receive $4.00 Register Reward, Limit 1(not advertised in ad)
Use 3 $3.00/1 Splenda, 80 ct/3.8 oz or larger from Smart Source insert of 4/17
Pay $0.00, Receive $4.00 Register Reward
That's a $4.00 moneymaker! *I will be buying 4 of these since I will end up getting them all free why not!
You can also print out a coupon HERE for $1.00/1 or $2.00/1
**(1) Freezerbar pops $0.59 cents each (note that rite aid will also have these on sale for next week BUT theyre $0.99 cents each so if you wanna save $0.40 cents go get these at walgreens*
**(1) 8pk of Jergens barsoap- $1.99 each *limit 3*
**(1) stayfree pads- $2.99 plus you will get $2.99 back in register rewards making this item free

Total without coupons- $17.53
Total with coupons- $0.53 *Note I will be also using some register rewards from my trip this week. My register rewards of $5.00. With this trip to walgreens for next week I will be getting back $2.99 plus the $4.00 from the splenda back in register rewards for my next purchase so in the end I will be making $6.46.
Conclusion I will be saving a total of $17.00. Since this trip will cost me $0.53 cents, it will be like each item costing about $0.08 cents each!

Victoria’s Secret – Free Lip Gloss, Perfume & Coupons

Freebie Maniac has some awesome freebies for Victorias Secret. So if you are heading out there for the weekend or need a last minute mothers day gift why not grab some freebies while your there. Just click HERE and print out your coupons!

Free Printer paper at Staples Again! Hip hip...hooray!!

Don't know why but I will not waste any time asking questions. Staples is having their easy rebate again for free printer paper. I guess they see now that couponers who print coupons from online need paper haha! Just click HERE and print out your coupon. The easy rebate can be filled out two ways. On your reciept will print out a free rebate you can mail in OR if you have a paypal account you can do your rebate online. Don't miss this deal and also go to and check out their upcoming ad...they'll have printer ink on sale too! NOTE the household limit is 1 so don't forget to just grab 1 package AND this deal ends tomorrow 4/23

Shick Hydro 3 or 5 Razors: Print Coupon Now for CVS Deal

Starting this Sunday, April 24th, CVS will have Shick Hydor 3 or 5 Razors/cartridges on sale B1G1 Free (priced around $8.99 – $9.99).  Print out 2 of these $3/1 Shick Hydro 3 or 5 Razor coupons and get them for $1.50 each!  Here is how:
Shick Hydro 3 Razor, B1G1 Free ($8.99)Use 2 – $3/1 Shick Hydro Razor coupons HERE *this is a facebook page so make sure you like them and print out your coupons* Final price for both is $2.99 or $1.50 each. Not bad if you ask me!

My Fresh & Easy trip!!!!!! 4/22

Since I wasn't planning on going anywhere eles besides Rite Aid today I thought well I need groceries....where do I have coupons to??....Fresh & Easy! I had recieved some coupons from them a while ago for a free canvas bag and a $10.00 off $50.00. Doesn't sound to convincing when you're on a budget right? Well, I think today it was kinda better than I thought. Mom, I think you're right about the bracelet....I've been getting super lucky lately ; )
This is a list of what I got and their prices. I will have 2 seperate sections because I did find some fantastic deals at their markdown section.

(2)Watermelon chucnks- $1.00each= $2.00
(2) 4pk Kiwi fruit- $1.00 each =$2.00
(2) 1lb bags of serrano chile- $0.75 each =$1.50
(1) 1lb bag of yellow chile-$0.75 each
(1)2.5 oz habanero chile-$0.65 each
(2) 16oz fresh green beans in a bag-$0.75 each=$1.50

(1) russet potatoe 48oz bag- $0.98
(1) Blue diamond almond soy milk- $2.99
(2) Fresh & easy frozen strawberries 16oz-$1.79 each= $3.58
(1) wildrocket salad bag 7oz-$1.99
(1) fresh 2piece stuffed chicken $5.76
(1) boneless skinless chicken 6 pieces-$3.89
(1) whole wheat elbow pasta-$1.29
(1) whole weat penne pasta-$1.29
(1) fresh & easy organic frozen green peas-$1.69
(1) fresh & easy organic frozen cut corn-$1.69
(1) 3pk of apples-$0.98
(5) maruchan ramen soups in the pakage-$0.19 each=$0.95
(1) soft tofu 15oz-$0.98
(2) fresh & easy buffalo chicken wraps-$3.99 each= $7.98
(1) fresh & easy chicken caesar salad-$3.99
(1) fresh & easy canvas bag- $1.99 each with coupon= FREE

Seems like its all healthy stuff but I also am eating healthy now since I am on the p90x workout. Healthy foods equal healthy lives! So my total without both coupons would have been $50.42 with tax. Total with coupons was $38.24 with a $0.04 tax forgiven so my grand total was $38.20. Not bad for all this stuff right? And I also got a free reuseable canvas bag...I might consider doing my shopping there if I recieved coupons like this more often don't you think??

Free Mother's Day cards PLUS free shipping!!!!!!

Tiny Prints  is offering a Free Mother’s Day Card to their Facebook Fans! This offer is completely free including shipping if you choose to have the card mailed directly to you. Just Sign up for a Tiny Prints Account HERE or Log In to your Existing Account Create Any Mother’s Day Greeting Card (They have both Photo Cards, and just Custom Non-Photo Cards) Use the Code: MDLOVE or MDFREE at Checkout

Missed the U by Kotex and Airwick spray at Rite Aid!!!

Yesterday I blogged about the U by Kotex liners and the Airwick spray for cheap. I had totally forgotten that they start a new sale every Friday...duhh!!! I must have been a bit too excited that I had forgotten about that. But anyways, I walked around the store to see any good deals, didnt really see any I guess cuz I was in such a hurry since I went for nada! But I did grab their new ad on my way out so I will be reviewing it today and posting the good deals =).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheap U by Kotex liners and Free Air wick at Rite Aid!

So I will be heading out to Rite Aid tomorrow since today will not be a good day for me (work >=/ )
I will be grabbing these deals. These coupons can be found in this past Sundays paper in the smartsource or you can print out the U by Kotex coupons online HERE but make sure you do so now because alot of people know about this deal so once the manufacture reaches its print limit thats it, you can no longer print it out!

U by Kotex liners 18 count $1.49 each. B1G1 50% off. So if you buy one it will be $1.49 and the second one will be $0.75 cents a total of $2.24. Use (2) $1.00/1 coupon found in your sunday paper of 4/17 for $2.00 off of $2.24 making both a total of $0.24 cents or $0.12 cents each! Wonder eh? I'll be grabbing 4 boxes since I bought 4 newspapers.

The airwick spray is B1G1 right now if you look in the ad under the household section. If you bought this past sundays paper you will also find a B1G1 for the airwick spray meaning they will both be free. I will be grabbing 4 of these for free aswell! One is not enough for my stockpile =)

Hope you grab these good deals soon. More and more people are finding out about coupons and how to go extream that everything is basically gone by Sunday when all the new sales are up! And if they dont have the item at your store remember to always ask for a raincheck! And if you didnt buy your newspaper this past sunday you can also google a coupon clipping service, right now I have not tried it just yet but I did see that is a really good site with fast shippin!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free complimentary Subscription to Cruise Travel

Another wonderful free magazine, Cruise Travel, from Sign up HERE and claim your free subscription. Remember there is no catch and no credit card information required.! Why not sign up and read a magazine when you're bored? ; )

My trips this week....

So this week I went to CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. Out of the entire trip(s) the #1 thing I loved the most was when I saw Walmarts update post about their coupon policy! I was with my mom waiting in line and I noticed a flyer post next to alllllllllllll the regsiters! Isn't that awesome. It stated they now accept competitor coupons and other store matchups aswell! Excluding any percents off! Meaning if you find a great deal at Rite Aid and Walmart has it for alot more you can take the ad to Walmart and they will give it to you for Rite Aids price!! YAY!! Oh and they do accept competitor coupons now so THAT got me excited! So anyways, here are my trips.

Not pictured because it was such a good deal I gave everything to mom! =)

4 Spic & Spans- $0.97 each =$3.88
2 Starkist Tuna in water pouches- $0.74 each= $1.48
2 Glad plugin warmer - $0.97 each = $1.94
1 Commet Bleach cleaner- $0.88 each= $0.88
Total without coupons=$8.18
Total with coupons= $3.88

Each item was like $0.43 cents each! Not bad!

I was honestly very disappointed at CVS today because I didnt find anymore but these 3 toothbrushes niether the aquafresh toothpaste! I tell you, that stingy coupon lady in town is really getting on my nerves taking everything!

2 Listerine mouthwash- $1.00 each =$2.00
3 Kids Aquafresh toothbrushes- $1.00 each=$3.00
1 Nailene artificial nails- $5.99
Total without coupons- $10.99
Total with coupons- $1.99

Making every item aroun $0.33 cents for each item

Picture not shown again very disappointed here too!

1 Scott handtowels- $5.00
1 Listerine mouthwash-$2.89
3 Reynolds foil paper- $0.88 each= $2.64
1 Schik razor $8.99
Total without coupons- 19.52
Total with coupons- $9.52
I also recieved a $3.00 register reward for my next purchase

Making each item a disappointing $1.59 each item! =/

As always where did i grab the coupons from well here it is.
For the spic and span not sure if you can still find them but they are available on under household items and for the glad warmers aswell you can find those there Oh and for the comet cleaner too. For the starkist coupons all you have to do is like them on facebook and you can print out a $0.50 off of 1.
In my previous post I left a link where you can get the listerine for free at CVS this week. You can go over and print that coupon out. If you got this past Sundays newspaper 4/17 you will find the aquafresh kids toothbrush coupon for $1.00/1 making them free at cvs. And for the nailene if you scan you cvs card at the red machine it is possible that you will recieve a $2.00 of any nailene product of $4.99 or more, PLUS I was lucky enough to find a peelie for another $2.00 off making them $1.99 for me! For my walgreens trip, in one of my previous post you will find my planned out trip for walgreens this week, those coupons can be found in that post.

In conclusion is spent $15.30 for all the items above, saved a nearly $23.39 with my coupons from a total of $38.69 without them. Making each item $0.73 cents each. Ok ok so its not THAT bad but still, I know I can do better!!

Free Listerine and Reach Floss at CVS!

This deal ends this Saturday 4/23 so make sure you print these out soon! If you can't make it to CVS by this weekend dont worry, these ALWAYS go on sale for $1.00! Trust me! ; ) just go to and on the left hand side for a quicker way just go to personal care and print out the Reach floss and the Listerine mouthwash. Right now CVS has both of these on sale for $1.00 each making them free!! Oh and don't forget to print out the very rare coupon we dont see very often, the Foster Farms chicken coupon! Ralphs has all Foster Farm at 50% off! Last time I went I did however see some marked under $2.00!

Some freebies for everyone!!!!!

*For a LIMITED time, Victoria’s Secret is giving away a FREE deluxe sample!!! Click HERE to print out your coupon and present it to a Victoria Secret near you!

*Follow the link HERE to Old Navy’s Hottest Ticket Savings – $10 off your $50 purchase in store! Just fill in your name and click Submit. Print your hot ticket and shop!

*If you are looking for an incentive to start getting into better shape for bathing suit season then this offer is too good to ignore. Get a FREE one-week guest pass today at Curves just click HERE

*Hurry and take this short survey (1 page) and then enter to receive a Free Sample of Aveeno Shampooo and Conditioner! You can pick which version of Aveeno Hair Care you want to try. I just signed up and it said my sample would arrive in 8-10 weeks. Just click HERE

Free Starbucks Coffee on Friday, 4/22!

In honor of Earth Day Friday, April 22nd; Starbucks is offering FREE brewed coffee or tea when you bring in a reusable mug or tumbler.  Don’t have a reusable mug?  You can receive 20% off your in store order for a new travel mug!  Starbucks offers $0.10 off every order daily for bringing your own mug.