Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reminder: Free Reusable Tote bag tomorrow at Target!

Just a reminder that Target will be giving out free tote bags with purchase on Sunday 17th.  This is an annual Earth Day promotion and this is while supplies last

Free Zantac Sample

Grab your free sample of Zantac now by submitting your information HERE. Remember almost all samples come along with a coupon for your future purchase and most of all some give you until next year to redeem it which means if you find a good deal on an item you can always use your sample coupon!

Free sample of Gold Bond Body Wash

Walmart has a free sample for the Gold Bond bodywash that you can now request by submitting your information HERE.

Complimentary Tennise Magazine! Get yours now!

I recieved another email from today for a nice complimentary tennise magazine! Remember there is no catch, no credit cards and no bills! All you gotta do is sign up HERE and youre in!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Subway: Buy One Get One Free Footlong Sub 4/16

Tomorrow, 4/16 is Customer Appreciation Day at Subway!  To celebrate, they are giving a FREE footlong sub when you purchase one footlong sub. Go get yours! =)

Grab a complimentary subscription to Super Street magazine!

Theres absolutly no catch to these when it comes to Sign up HERE
and request your 1 full year for free!!

My trip for Walgreens next week. 4/17

So here is my shopping list for this upcoming Sunday for Walgreens. It's not as good of a trip because it's somewhat over my budget compared to other stores but I can say I'll be grabbing a few deals. Note that I also will be apply some register rewards I recieved from this weeks deals as well.

Scott Naturals Towel paper (6pk)- $5.00
Airwick Freshmatic *these are 50% off retail price* I'll be grabbing 6 at $3.99 each-$23.94
Listerine Mouthwash 500mL *these are 50% off retail price*- 2.49
Reynold Wrap Foil- $0.89 each I'll be grabbing 3
Schick Razor-$8.99 *plus $3.00 back in register rewards*

Total before coupons: $43.09
Total after coupons: $9.09
Total after register rewards: $4.09
Plus $3.00 back in register rewards

Here's where I will be grabbing my coupons from. For the scott paper I have a catalina coupon I have been saving since last week for $2.50 off and you can also combine it with walgreens coupon booklet for an additional $1.00/1. You can also visit the scott paper website for a coupon aswell. The airwick freshmatic coupons can be found in this upcoming sunday paper for $4.00/1. Since the airwicks are on sale 50% off these will totally be free! (which is why I'm grabbing 6). The listerine mouthwash is also another catalina coupon I recieved last week for $2.00 off. Making this deal only $0.49 cents! For the reynolds foil paper, if you bought this past sundays paper 4/10 you will find a coupon for $0.50 cents off of one. Making this deal only $0.39 cents each one. And finally for the razor. I will be grabbing a $3.00/1 coupon from schicks website on facebook.

Conclusion: Retail price is $43.09 and with my coupons it will all come down to $4.09. A grand total savings of $39.00. Plus I will be getting $3.00 back in rewards making this trip only $0.34 each item on my list. Not bad but again, I'm used to paying under $1.00 for a massive trip. Perhaps next week there will be better deals.

Sign up and get $10.00 worth of coupons!

Right now if you head over HERE and fill out the form you can recieve up to $10.00 worth of coupons for everyday products. I love these because when a deal comes by you can always look through these for great prices. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My trip for the upcoming sale for CVS.! 4/17

I will be posting my planned out trips for upcoming sales at the stores I will be shopping at. And this post is for CVS. I literally plan to spend $1.00 and under on 15 items, here is how!

*You can now view CVS upcoming ad online at*

Transaction 1
*Note that I still have my $10.00 extra bucks from this weeks deal so this will also be reducing my total by alot*

  • Crest Pro-Health Toothpast 6.0oz- 2/$5.50
  • Colgate Toothpast 4.0oz (these will be $1.00 each so I will be grabbing 4)- 4/$4.00
  • Reach Floss (these are also $1.00)- 1/$1.00
  • VO5 Conditioner-$0.77
  • Easter Grass-1/$0.99 *Plus $0.99 extra buck*
  • Pass Egg Color- 1/$1.99 *Plus $1.99 extra buck*
  • Nieva Body Wash- $3.88 each (I will be getting 5)
Total without my coupons will be $33.65
Total with my coupons will be $10.65
Total after I apply my $10.00 extra bucks rewards from this week will be $0.65 cents
I will also be getting back a total of $2.98 in extra bucks so this trip is a $2.33 money maker!

I know that questions will be up in the air about where to get the coupons from well here it is:
For the crest prohealth I had a catalina coupon that I recieved for $3.00/2 at Target after I paid. What are the catalina machines? Catalina machines are those that print out along with your transaction after you pay. Target, Ralphs and Walgreens have Catalinas that I have so far seen. For the Colgate toothpaste, if you bought this past Sunday newspaper 4/10 there was a $1.00/ colgate coupon. I bought 4 newspapers so I will be grabbing 4 for free since they will be $1.00 next week. For the Reach floss, I also got a catalina coupon for $1.00/1 also making this item free. You can also print out a coupon for $1.00/1 on the reach floss website. I dont have a VO5 coupon, that is my filler item to cover my overage =).
And so are both the Easter grass and the Pass egg color, they are both my fillers and because they are free after extra bucks! And last but not least the Nivea bodywashes. Make sure to grab your sunday paper this coming sunday 4/17 to get a $3.00/1 coupon on the Nivea bodywashes. I will be buying 5 newspapers saving me a total of $15.00....A total of 15 items for as low low low LOW $0.04 cents each item!
And there it is folks.! Hope yall get good deals this coming week! And remember, The early bird gets the worm!

Woman Freebies!

I've been with Woman Freebies for a while now and I could tell you right now, it'a a pretty good site! They send out an email to you about everyday or every other day alerting you about the newest freebies. All you gotta do is sign up HERE and submit your name and email at the top right hand corner. You can also like them on Facebook HERE. Trust me you won't regret this!

I guess the early bird DOES get their worm!

I had made a quick stop at Rite Aid today to get the BIC razor deal for my sister. I had already gotten this deal on Monday this week only because I knew many people would be using coupons now that the word has officially gotten out to everyone about the Extreme Couponing show on TLC. My eyes were literally drawn to the bottom of the shelf because I knew where these razors were already located. As I got closer I noticed there were none! Two empty slots and no razors! WHAT??!!?? This cannot be! Luckily I always ask an employee to do a back stock check for me and I assumed today was their load day meaning the store recieved their load to restock their shelves. She took a good 5 mins and yay, she found me some BIC razors.! I'm glad I did this today because tomorrow a new ad starts.
So what can you do when you find an empty shelve?? Well step number one, always ask for a back stock check. I used to work for a retail place alike Rite Aid so I would know things like this. Step number 2 if the associate comes back and says there are no more, ask for a raincheck. And try to get the limit for that item aswell. Step 3, *and I'm going to start this too* do your shopping on Sundays.....reallllyyyy early like when the store opens and get your stuff. All sales start on Sundays and smart couponers get all their deals the day of to avoid the empty shelves. The early bird gets their worm! And step 4 ask for the next closest store near you. If you live a bit too far, then I would totally stick to step 2.! Hope this helps.!

A couple of price cuts at Target.

So today I went by real quick to check out some Target price cuts. I mainly hit the baby section because I was in a hurry and I found 2 cool price cuts that I personally thought were good.

 These Pediasures are really expensive if you ask me. But I have been saving a coupon for a while now for $3.50 of any pediasure sidekick. This will come out to $2.99 with that coupon. You can also find a coupon for $1.50 off HERE. Wont be as good as my deal but $4.99 is still a good deal for a 4pack.
Another awesome price cut I found were these Kandoo wipes for $1.42. As you can see someone ONCE AGAIN cleared the shelfs and took them all. Ugh this makes me frustrated. If you bought the sunday paper on 4/3 a P&G insert came along with your newspaper. A coupon will be in that insert for these wipes for $1.00/1 making these wipes $0.42 cents each. Amazing deal huh? Well if only there were any left.

Free reusable bag on Sunday at Target!

In honor of Earth Day, Target will be giving away one million reusable bags on Sunday, 4/17.  Remember, Target takes $0.05 off every reusable bag you use each purchase. *While supplies last!*
Make sure to go early and grab yours since EVERYONE knows about couponing now.!

Upcoming Nivea Body Wash Deal at Target, Walmart & Rite Aid!

Sunday 4/17, there will be a $3.00 off Nivea Body Wash coupon in the Red Plum newspaper insert.  This will make for cheap body wash at some stores....

Nivea Body Wash $3.04
$3.00/1 Nivea Body Wash, any 8.4 – 16.9 oz. from RP 4/17
$0.04 after coupon

Nivea Body Wash $3.04
$3.00/1 Nivea Body Wash, any 8.4 – 16.9 oz. from RP 4/17
$0.04 after coupon

Rite Aid:
Buy 4 Nivea Body Wash $3.99 each
*Spend $15.00, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward, Limit 1*
Use 4 $3.00/1 Nivea Body Wash, any 8.4 – 16.9 oz. from RP 4/17
Pay $3.96, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't forget to watch Extreme Couponing tonite on TLC!

Tonite is another exciting night of a new episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC! Both on retail and grocery! I sure won't be missing this show since last weeks show amazed me and inspired me to grab more if you can grab a deal!

Free Subscription to Road and Truck Magazine!

Sign up now for a free subscription to Road and Truck Magazine from Mercury Magazine. I love grabbing these because there's no catch and they're totally free!! Sign up HERE

What to do with your coupon scrap paper AND how to save paper plus time!

We all know that sometimes plain white printer paper can become very expensive now and days especially if you print out alot of coupons from online like I do. So we tend to crumble them up in a ball and toss the scrap paper away. Some of us recycle it annnd others dont, guilty! Here are some ways to actually save paper and use them wisely!

A) Use you scrap paper and make it your grocery/household list. Here You can see I folded the paper in half and wrote down a few stores. Next to it I can write down what I plan to buy at each store OR write down a price that I plan to spend. You don't have to make it your list, you can also use this as an arts and crafts with your children. Draw cartoons, make airplans, draw a picture or simply write the words, "COUPONS RULE." *just saying, =)*

There are ofcourse alot of other ways to save your scrap paper. But one suggestion I love to tell my family and friends is ALWAYS try using This site lets you pick as many coupons as you want and the best part is coupon print in multiples all in one page. Not only saving you printer paper, but also saving your time. Another thing with coupon sites is that some tend to print an advertisment along with your coupon. I hate this so much because it wastes my ink. And you know THAT hardly comes with a coupon! So I usually keep an eye out at the bottom of my printer where my coupon comes out and if I notice that my coupon has been printed but an advertisment is printing along with it, I push the "Cancle" button on my printer and prevent from it printing. Then I usually flip the paper over and use the other side and print another coupon out. Again, saving time and paper. Hope this helps some of you online couponers who love printing coupons out!

Walmart Deals of the week 4/13


Everyone knows there's a Walmart in every city and state! Wonderful thing is we can all grab the best deals now and save even more on Rollback prices!

McCormick Taco Seasoning, $0.52
$0.75/1 McCormick Spice, Herb, Extract or Food Color (Red Plum insert 04/10/11)
$1/1 Select McCormick Products, exp. 4-24-11 (Red Plum insert 03/13/11)
FREE after coupon!

Air Wick Warmer Unit $.97
Print this coupon HERE for $1.00/1 *note you will get a $0.03 overage but that's ok because remember Walmart now can either pass those $0.03 off on another item you are getting or your cashier will give you your $0.03 in coins.
FREE after coupon!

Smuckers Jelly Spread
$1.82 Sugar free jelly spread
Print this coupon HERE for a $0.75/1 *this coupon has no restrictions or specifics so you don't have to grab the sugar free you can get any Smuckers Jelly Spread*
$1.07 after coupon

Toy Story 3 OPERATION Game $5 (regularly $12.99)
$5.00 on sale!
Use the $3/1 coupon found HERE under toys and games OR if you got this past Sunday newspaper you can also use the $3/1 in the Playsaver insert
$2.00 after coupon

Vlasic Relish
$1.18 Vlasic Relish
Print this coupon HERE for $0.55 off
$0.63 after coupon

Starkist Tuna or Chicken Pouch
$0.93 each
Like Starkist on Facebook for a $0.50/1 coupon HERE 
$0.43 after coupon

Redbox: $0.50 off rental Thursday only!

My favorite! The amazing Redbox is offering a $0.50 off any Redbox DVD or Blu-ray movie rental on April 14th ONLY! Regular price for Rebox rentals are $1.00 and the Blu-ray rentals are $1.50 plus tax ($0.10). Make sure to use the promo code : THURSDAY at checkout!

Free Starburst Jelly Bean Eggs at Walgreens!

Right now at Walgreens you can score some free jelly beans! Here's how.

Buy 2 Starbust Jelly Bean Eggs at $0.75 each. Total of $1.50
Use this coupon HERE and print. This is a coupon for $0.50/2. Total of $1.00
And use the $1.00/2 skittles, starburst, life savers or hubba bubba easter item from the Walgreens April Booklet. Total is $0.00
And for those who dont know what the Walgreens Booklet is ask a cashier and they will point out where to grab one. They are usually right next to the cash registers or near by and most of all they're free!

Free Paper at Staples.! Limited Time Only!

From my inbox to your computer screen came an amazing deal from Staples. Right now you can score free paper at a price of $5.99 for a limited time only, that's until this Saturday 4/16. Just click HERE and print out your staples coupon AND combine this offer with $1.00/1 HERE for some extra savings. Pay $4.99 and submit your Free Easy Rebate online or by mail. My personal opinion about Staples Easy Rebate program is that they do take a long time to refund your money. Last time I did this it took about 4 weeks to get my refund to my paypal account. It takes a while but it does work.!

$2.00 Visine is back. See How you can score this for free!

So everytime I print this coupon I always reach my print out limit which has been ok for me since I know this always comes back. Anyways, you can score this item for free almost at any store where a travel size section is available, Walmart, Target, CVS, etc. You will find these at the most $0.99 OR like Target they're $1.24. If you plan on just buying the visine eyedrops make sure you get a filler to cover your overage or you'll be at a negative. Or just simply head out to Walmart and they'll give you your overage money in cash! Make sure to print this out now HERE and avoid it being GONE!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My daily trip, 4/12/11!

So I usually plan out my trip ahead of time so I could do all my coupon shopping all in one day rather than wasting time and gas. Today I went to CVS, Ralphs and Rite Aid.

So here I got 3 air wick starter kits, 2 lysol sprays and one laundry detergent. The airwick coupons are no longer available so if you were one of the lucky ones to print these out last week hooray for you. About a few months ago there was a coupon for $1.00 off any xtra detergent which didnt expire until June of this year, but I could not bypass this deal. And for the Lysol I had a coupon for $1.50 off one in a smartsource insert, my mistake to not know which insert and for the other one i used my extra bucks to pay for it.

Airwick freshmatics- $5.00 each (3x)
Xtra laundry detergent- $1.49 each (1x)
Lysol air refresher- $ 2/$5.00 (2x)
Total before coupons:$21.49
Total after coupons: $.29 cents. I had to get a filler because it was at a negative so I grabbed a pack of gum (not shown)
And I got a 10% off for my beauty advisor and $10.00 extra bucks. =)
 Rite Aid
So I didnt do as good as I thought I would have at RA this week. I recently found out there is a stingy lady here in the city going around and emptying the shelves. So as I would when I need a back stock check I asked  the cashier if they had anymore of the Gilette body washes in the back and unfortunatly she said no. Anyways, So here is my trip:

Bic Flex 4- $4.99 each (2x) used 2 Bic coupons from this past sundays paper 4/10 for $3.00 off each one
Visine Eye drops-$4.99 each and I used the in ad coupon for $2.00 off and another $2.00 off from not sure if its still available.
Total before coupons: $14.97
Total after coupons + some Up Rewards: $0.82 plus I recieved $4.00 in UpRewards.
I also stopped by Ralphs around the corner from my house. I went to just "browse" around when I noticed an employee putting out fresh marked down items! I found this putex detergent for $2.49 and used the online coupon you can still print out HERE. Just fill out the request and after you hit submit, click the print my coupon now for a $2.00 coupon off a purex. Got this for an obvious $0.49 cents!

Conclusion: I spent $1.60 for all the above items, saved a total of $37.35 AND I recieved a combined total of $14.00 in rewards for my next shopping trip next week! Wanna show off what you got this week, send me an email:

$5.00 Enfamil Coupon still available!!

Grab rare high value coupon now before its gone. Luckily it has been still available for those who have not yet printed this out.! Click HERE and print yours now!

PediaCare $0.99 at Rite Aid starting 4/17!

Starting next week, Rite Aid will have their Pediacare on sale for $4.99. You could use this $1.00 off HERE. Pay $3.99 and recieve $3.00 in UpRewards making it a final $.99 cents. I was at Walgreens a couple a weeks ago and the amazing catalina machine printed out a wonderful $2.00 off any pedicare so I will be using this item! Print your coupons now and avoid losing a great deal!

Walgreens $0.24 Auquafresh Training toothpaste starting next week 4/17

AMAZING deal at Walgreens starting next week! The Aquafresh Training Fluoride-Free toothpaste will be on sale for $1.99. Use the Walgreens coupon for $1.00 off from their monthly savings book and use this HERE $0.75 cents off manufacture coupon making it $0.24 cents a piece! It only let me print 2 manufacture coupons but its ok, I might head out to the library and print some more! Buy 4 of these for under a buck!

Fresh & Easy 4/13-4/19

I love shopping at Fresh & Easy because they not only have good organics and fresh foods but they also have amazing mark downs if you have gone to a Fresh & Easy before. They usually mark down their foods around 6 or 7pm OR they will usually mark items down early morning right when they open.! First things first, the cool thing about this place is that their ads always come with a coupon. This week there is a coupon for $3.00 off $30.00 and a free reusable canvas bag when you spend $20 or more on any purchase.
To view their weekly ad click HERE
Good deals this week include:
  • Free Canvas Bag with a $20.00 purchase
  • Apples or Pears (3 count) for $.98
  • Honey Tangerines (1 lb) for $.98
  • Fresh & Easy Green Beans (1 lb) for $1.49
  • Fresh & Easy Pasta for $.99 each *You can usually find pasta for less at other grocery stores but remember that some of these products are organic*
You can also add mark down items to use your coupons or find other good deals around your store. But these are the good deals I found in this weeks ad!

High value coupon: $3.00 off Windex Outdoor All in One Starter Kit

Right now Right@Home is offering a $3.00 off Windex All in One Starter Kit. Print yours now HERE

Disney Movie Rewards: New 5 Point Code

I LOVE disney movie rewards. I have been collecting these for free everytime. You can earn points many different ways. But this 5 point code is totally free so sign up now HERE and start collecting! code: J5RN24XPV9

FREE Sample of Garnier Fructis Pure Clean! Get yours now!

You can get a FREE sample of Garnier Pure Clean Shampoo and Conditioner when you go to their Facebook page and click on the “Pure Clean” tab.  You will then need to scroll down and click on the “Get Your Free Sample” tab. 

Thanks Totally Target!

French's Spicy Mustard $.49 at Target!

So I was at target and found a nice price cut for French's Spicy Mustard for $.99. If you got this past sundays paper with the coupon inserts you will find a $.50 cents off of 1 in the Smart Source insert from 4/10/2011 making it a wonderful $0.49 cents. This price cut will continue until 23rd of this month. So make sure you grab your mustard for those yummy ham sandwhiches!

Another awesome grab is the
Kotex 16 ct Unscented wrapped pantiliners that are $0.94 cents right now at Targets price cut
*(Note that these are not a trial size and found in regular feminine care aisle)
You can print your coupon here --> $1.50/2 Kotex ETS Click on “Take A Dare” & then “I Did This” to Get Started and get 2 for as low as $0.19 cents each depending on your local Targets price cut.!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to The Young Couponer blog site!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog site. My name is Valerie but you can call me, Val, The Young Couponer. I am 22 years old and I have been couponing for a year now. I started out at age 21 when I began realizing how hard it was to live alone 2 1/2 hours away from your parents and all your family. I went to college taking the bus Monday thru Thursday so getting up 2 hours before the bus would arrive was a struggle but a motivation for myself to get to school and get my education. Money was tight ofcourse so all I had was financial aid to survive off and that was NOT enough. So I began to find ways to save. So I began my search online and found out the best way to save was by using coupons! I began slow just like every new couponer would, but time after time I began to to learn different ways to save and I became very good at it. I discovered many different couponers online such as The Krazy Coupon Lady, Totally Target, MashupMom and others aswell. And I figured we all think alike! Same deals same thought of how to get the best deals out there. My coupon trips have amazed my friends, my sister who is only 18 years old and my mom. I have given them tip after tip and they too, have caught onto the coupon world.! So if you feel like The Young Couponer can teach you some good ol' tricks then you outta stick around!!

Warm Hugs my couponers,