Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh the Joys of boys: Prefense giveaway

Ever wonder which hand sanitizer is the best out there? Especially for your young ones who tend to have dirty hands most of the time? So do I. I'm a student nurse so I spend every Saturday at the hospital giving care to residents & patients all day. Of course I wear gloves and wash my hands. After that I use the hand sanitizer provided for us, but sometimes it makes me want to go back and wash my hands one last time. Just to assure myself that I have clean hands. I came across a blogger, Oh the Joys of boys, who has a review and a special giveaway for a hand sanitizer called, Pre-fense. She says, "We are extremely cautious when it comes to hand sanitizer, especially with Spank. We usually don't let him use it, or try to limit it due to the alcohol in it and every now and then he will decide to put his hands in his mouth. I just have never been comfortable with the idea of it, so we limit it to only when necessary. I always look in the stores for alcohol-free kinds, but have never looked any further."

So you are probably thinking, is this also safe for my child? By the sounds of it, she personally does think so. Head over to her blog HERE and see what she has to say about this product. And while you are at it, take a few minutes to add her on google friend connect, on facebook, twitter and subscribe to her emails. And don't forget to also enter her giveaway for a chance to win a bottle of Pre-fense. Good luck everyone!

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