Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cinch Energy Tea review

Have you every felt really lazy during the day? Tried coffee, energy drinks, energy shots and none of it still didn't work? I know I have. Whats so strange is that even after trying all those products instead of them all waking me up, it made me even more tired so I ended up falling asleep or lacked energy all day. And of course it was hard to focus right? That's exactly how I felt this past Sunday morning. I had planned my day as always. Wake up, clean and study all day for a test I had yesterday, Tuesday. Turned out that I woke up, cleaned and went back to sleep. For some odd reason I felt really tired, lazy, sleepy, felt a huge lack of energy the entire morning. I had never felt that way, but I'm assuming its the weather. Perhaps an excuse? I couldn't focus on my studying at all. I was worried about myself for a second. Until I had remembered that a friend of mine from Facebook, Renee Sullivan, a Health and Wellness Educator had sent me a free sample of a Shaklee Cinch Tea with an energy booster. Now, I'm thinking to myself well if all these other products out there didn't work for me what makes me think this will? But then again you never know until you try the product right? Exactly! So I did. Poured it in a cup of water and drank it. I waited about 5 minutes until I started to feel it kick in really well. All of a sudden, I felt this huge increase of energy. I wasn't tired nor sleepy anymore. I felt awake and ready to study. And so I did. I studied and really focused on what I was doing. I felt great. Now I wouldn't review anything that I didn't think was worth reviewing, so I'm letting everyone out there know this product works! I wrote to Renee yesterday thanking her for the sample and asked her if it was okay to send my readers to "like" her page on facebook and provide everyone with her information. So I would like for everyone to go and follow here on her Facebook page HERE. You can also read more about the product at If you have any questions for Renee you can also visit her facebook page and email her or comment on her page.

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