Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Trip to CVS

I love doing all my shopping on Sundays right when the new sales start. Why? Well lets just say I've been seeing more and more individuals in my area using coupons and buying more than 1 leaving empty shelfs =/. So that's why I decided Sunday early morning would be a better idea for me.
Went to CVS this morning and was amazed at my total. I tried to keep it under $5.00 and I did. Here it is! Note I used some extrabucks from last weeks trip. A tip I always use is to save your extrabucks for next weeks extrabuck deals. It always works.
(2) purex detergent- $1.98 *I had a raincheck for these* = $3.96
(3) tic tacs (buy 2 get the 3rd one for $0.01 each tic tac was $1.67) = $3.35
(1) Motrin $4.00
(1) Bayer- $3.00
(1) zyrtec- $5.99
(1) hydro razor- $8.00

total before coupons and without my savings card: $44.55
total before coupons BUT with my savings card: $28.30
*you can save alot with your savings card so make sure you apply for one! Here with it I saved $16.25
total after coupons: $2.58
Got back a total of $9.99 back in extra bucks
Total savings in total $41.97 that's almost my entire purchase without my savings card OR any coupons. What a huge difference. This is why I never pay retail.

Transaction 1
(1) hydro razor- $8.00
Used a $4.00 from todays paper SS 6/12
and I also used a $4.00 extra buck from last week
Total: FREE I only paid for tax which was $0.39 cents and I got back $4.00 extra bucks

Transaction 2
(2) Purex - $1.98 each = $3.96
(3) tic tacs = $3.35
used a raincheck for the purex and (2) $1.00 off for the purex that expires today
used (2) $0.75 off for the tic tacs from todays paper 6/12
used the $4.00 extra buck from transaction 1
total $-0.19 cents luckily my tax saved me!! So I ended up paying only $0.20

Transaction 3
(1) motrin pm- $4.00
(1) zyrtec - $5.99
(1) bayer- $3.00
used a $2.00 coupon for the bayer from todays SS paper 6/12
used a $4.00 coupon for any zyrtec I believe it came from the 4/10 RP it expires 7/31
used a $1.00 off motrin from todays paper aswell
used (2) $2.00 extra bucks from last weeks trip
total- $1.99 and I got back a total of $9.99 in extra bucks.

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