Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oster Blender review

So, I have never really found a reason to have a blender in the house because I just found it as taking too much space. Sometimes I wished I had one and other times I was glad I didnt because I rarely needed it for any of my cooking. But one day me and my husband were at Target wandering around and ofcourse I was coupon shopping too. He came across an Oster blender that was on special for $29.99.
He begged to get it ofcourse he would pay for it because if I didn't have a coupon for it, I wasnt going to buy it lol. I told him if he wanted it grab it. So he did. The gulit of even having it in the cart knowing how much I can get with $29.99 using coupons was killing me inside. I reminded him if he was sure and he was confident and we took it. I was kind of excited about using it and then I was like whatever about it. I opened the box and found a nice blender. A silver glass blender that wowed me after underestimating it at the store. I thought to myself well, lets see what I can blend. So I made a strawberry smoothie.

 I added frozen strawberries that weren't thawed, ice cubes and some milk. And to my surprise the blender amazingly blended everything as if I never threw any frozen things in it. 5 stars!! Now I use it everyday to make a smoothie, which has up to date helped me lose a few pounds. I make chile with it, I blend sauces, crush ice with it, you name it. It's just such an amazing blender that I thought I'd share my experience with everyone about it. If anyone is in need of a good blender, a loyal one that will not give up on you the next day, I personally would recommend this one. Hands down no questions asked. Yeah $29.99 might have been a bit high for a couponer like me but in the end, I'm glad my husband spent that $29.99 because it was all mighty worth it!!

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