Wednesday, June 15, 2011

$0.99 cents for a Pepsi or Diet Pepsi 12pk @CVS today only

Just got back home from CVS and grabbed my 12 pk of Pepsi for $0.99 cents. Yup thats right! It's not advertised so make sure you take the first step and scan your cvs card at the red machine. There you will get the coupon for the soda. You have a choice between the regular pepsi or the diet pepsi. The manager had asked me where I got the coupon from and I told him the red machine. He had told me that not every customer is getting the coupon from the red machine so if this happens to you, wait about 5-10 mins and scan your cvs card again. PLUS you can also grab a free Hershey bar for free at Just click on their coupon tab and print out your coupon. This is my transaction!
NOTE: I used a $1.00 extra buck from this weeks trip to help my total go lower!

(1) 12pk Pepsi- $3.34+CRV *$0.99 with cvs coupon at the red machine*
(1) Hershey Air Delight bar- $1.19 *free with coupon on*

total before coupons including crv- $5.13
*crv for me was $0.60 or $0.05 each can x's 12=$0.60*
total after coupons including crv-$1.59 +tax =$1.71
used my $1.00 extra buck my total after was $0.71 in change

total savings - $7.19
It always helps to use your extra bucks wisely. For this transaction I decided that my $1.00 EB would really help me and it did. I didn't even have to wipe out my debit card instead I used my change. I find it much more stress free using change than to have to use your card for $0.71 cents. Remember this offer is only today so go out and take advantage!

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