Thursday, May 19, 2011

What are store rewards?

Now that you know the basics about couponing lets get into the store rewards. Many of us are still confused about what store rewards are. CVS calls theirs, "extra bucks," Rite Aid calls theirs, "UP Rewards," and Walgreens calls theirs, "Register Rewards or RRs." Its the same with all 3 stores the only difference is the way they call their rewards. These store rewards are like money! Except its not green, its white. Treat these rewards as if they were treasure because its dollars off for your next purchase.  Now I'm sure you're thinking well how do you get them? Every week a new ad starts either on Fridays or Sundays. For example my Rite Aid starts a new sale every Friday while CVS and Walgreens start theirs on Sunday. Every Sunday a new ad comes out with their best sales for that week. For example a scenario at CVS, Buy (1) Lysol disinfecting spray at $3.99 and get $2.00 extra bucks. It's like getting this item for $1.99. Confused yet? Well because you will be getting $2.00 back in extra bucks its like CVS is paying you $2.00 in return for buying the Lysol for your next purchase. You can use those $2.00 extra bucks for $2.00 off next time. I like to save mine for the next week when I know they'll come in handy for another extra buck deal. To make a deal even better, you can also use manufacture coupons on rewards deals. So lets say you had a coupon for $1.00 the Lysol spray, you would pay $2.99 and get the $2.00 extra bucks but in the end instead of it being $1.99 after the extra bucks, the Lysol would be $0.99 cents. Because you used your coupon its making the deal even better. As time goes by and you start to get the hang of it, you will notice that reward deals are easier then they sound. Trust me. These are all my rewards from this week.
See how simple it is to make store money for dollars off your next visit.! I got $10.00 from Walgreens, $5.00 from CVS and $4.00 from Rite Aid. And don't forget, Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS also have their store coupons that can be combined with manufacture coupons. You can grab a booklet at the register at Walgreens, scan your extra care card at the red machine at CVS and go to the rite aid video values site and watch videos for their coupons.

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