Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walgreens Trip Part I 5/22

My phone isn't letting me send my pictures from todays trip so I guess I will have to post up my transactions without pictures today. I am amazed at how much I got for $4.41. I had a feeling I was going to spend more than $10.00 but I was wrong. Here it is. Note that in these transactions I am also using rewards from last weeks trips to help my total go down

Transaction #1:
(1) Huggies Swimmers- $6.99
(1) Scuncii Hairbands- $2.00 (get $2.00 RR)
(2) Oscar Mayor Wnrs- $2.99 B1G1 free

total before coupons: $11.98
total after coupons: $0.98

I also got $2.00 back in register rewards. In total I saved about $11.00 only paid $0.98 making each item about $0.25 cents.

Where to get the coupons:
*huggies- In the 5/15 smartsource there was a $2.00 coupon you can also combine that with the walgreens coupon found at the registers or by the ad stand for another $2.00 off. Making these $2.99
*hairbands- I had no coupon for these
*oscar mayors- there was also a coupon for $1.00/2 in the 5/15 smartsource. This was a B1G1 promotion so I got (2) of these for $1.99 or $0.99 each.

Transaction #2
(4) Reach toothbrushes -$0.99 each = $3.96 (get $4.00 RR)

total before coupons: $3.96
total after coupons : $0.46

I also recieved $4.00 back in RR. I saved $3.50 and only paid $0.46 cents making each item about $0.12 each

Where to get the coupons: 
*reach toothbrushes- I used 3 coupons for $1.00 off from the 4/17 smartsource and 1 $0.50 off from the 1/09 smartsource.

Transaction #3
(1)Silk shaving cream- $1.99 (get $1.50 in RR)
(1)Thermacare 2pk- $5.99
(1)Advil PM 20count- $4.99
(Get $5.00 in RR when you buy both the thermacare and the advil)

total before coupons- $12.97
total after coupons- $2.97
and I recieved $6.50 back in RR

I saved about $10.00 and only paid $2.97 making each item around $0.99 each.

Where to get the coupons
*shaving cream- no coupons
*thermacare and the advil you can print out a $5.00 coupon HERE this is only if you buy both items. the advil and the thermacare. I also used the $4.00 RR from the toothbrushes.

In conclusion I saved a total of $24.50 and paid only $4.41 for everything or $0.40 for each item!

AND I still have a couple of transactions I need to finish for tomorrow.

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