Monday, May 9, 2011

Trading Coupons.!

I have just recently figured that buying coupons on ebay was much more cheaper than buying newspapers every Sunday. You can save up to 50% by just doing that. I have tried ways to get a hold of coupons for free. Until I found a cool page on Facebook called, Trading Coupons. I added her as a friend and realized this is a way to get coupons for free. What it is, is a community of couponers who ofcourse communicate with each other about coupons they need or coupons they wont be needing. You comment on their post for example, "Yeah I have that coupon, I have about 10 of them," then they reply and so forth. Only catch is sometimes they'll ask for coupons their looking for from you to trade, Trading Coupons! =) Its really convinent when times are hard for some of us. I've tried it once so far but couldn't find any coupons I was in need of so I sent her the coupon without a trade. You may come across some of those nice people who won't need a trade but its rare ofcourse. If you are interested go ahead and add them HERE. Goodluck and remember, free coupons are always a good thing!

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