Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ralphs trip 5/7

Like I had mentioned plently of times, I have been trying to get good at grocery shopping. And let me say I think I'm getting the hang of it! Before I go into details, I want to point out that during this trip I had planned out what I was going to buy yesterday. I spent a good 5-6 hours trying to find coupons online and in the inserts and it was a success, but my trip was not! Right now until Tuesday Ralphs has a special promotion going on. If you buy 10 of the participating items you get $5.00 off your transaction. You can see their ad online at  On my list was 8 boxes of pasta, 2 boxes of moms best cereal, 1 pkg of mission tortillas and 1 bag of Bounder chips that was it! Well, my Ralphs didn't have the cereal so it kind of threw me off and they didnt carry the chips. Took an extra 15 mins looking around to see what was cheaper to complete my 10 items, and just a reminder the tortillas was not one of them. Anyways I found the 2 items I decided to grab and it worked out better than I had thought!

(4) boxes of Ronzoni pasta *blue box*-$1.49 ea = $5.96
(4) boxes of Ronzoni Heathly Harvest pasta *brown box* -$1.49 ea = $5.96
(1) Mission tortillas - $1.50
(2) Philly cooking cream - $2.49 = $4.98

Total before coupons- $18.40
Total after coupons- $0.40 cents!

Making each item a close to $0.03 each

for the mission coupon im not sure if its stil available i think last night was the last day to print it out on their facebook page, it was for $0.75 off. Ralphs doubles their coupon to the $1.00 so I grabbed these for $0.50 cents. for the pasta, the pasta in the brown box can be found on the ronzoni site they have the $1.00/2 so I printed out (2) coupons. And for the pasta in the blue box I had also found those in one of the inserts from either 2 weeks ago or 3 weeks ago. I don't have my coupons dated. they were for $0.55 cents off but it was doubled to $1.00 so they were $0.99 cents each. And for the philly cheese I found those in the 3/6/11 smartsource insert for $1.50/1 making them $0.99 each! I also recieved $5.00 off from the promotion so that also brought down my total. This trip proves to me that I can do it. It takes alot of time and planning.!

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