Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My trip to Walmart + my experience

I've been a customer at walmart for a very long time. As far as the eye can see =). I've loved their customer service, their prices and the variety of selection of different things they have . Well, as many of us have seen, walmart has now changed the way they sell. Their coupon policy has attracted us couponers to go shopping for more. But one thing I really never looked into was the way they looked at coupons and their fine print! What does that mean? What I meant was this. Coupons, well all of them, have fine print on them. Some say limit 1 per purchase, limit 1 per household limit this limit that.! They all have limits. What I didnt know was that Walmart defines "limit 1 per purchase" as limit one coupon per item in ONE transaction. What????? But....no! Here's my definition. Limit 1 per purchase equals I'm "purchasing" 10 of this item so I get to use 10 like coupons. Right or wrong? It makes sense. According to Coupon Mom, she agrees with my statement too. Click HERE to see for yourself! But then again, like she says, its up to the retailer. Anyways, I didn't know. So here is my trip to walmart....

8 plates
2 reach floss
18 carefree liners
10 ivory bars
4 kotex liners
2 johnson & johnson first aid kits

My calculations before I headed out (which was planned) $3.00
Total charged at walmart $18.75

What happend? Well here it is. Because of walmarts coupon policy cashier had to ask manager assistant #1 if it was ok to use the "limit 1 per purchase" on all the carefree liners which were all free or were supposed to be free. Manager assistant #1 said "yes." Manager assistant #2 came by and yelled at the cashier,"I told you not to use them like that. If coorporate calls you better give them names." Customer....heart sank! I totally felt bad by the way she yelled at the cashier. My goodness. Over a coupon you're going to yell and announce to the whole store? Wow! I guess the cashier got nervous after manager assistant #2 because I was not only overcharged $6.75, but I was charged for things I didn't have. Long story short, I was there for about an hour going back and forth to customer service and the manager that after that hour I gave up. I came home, did my math and thats how I found out I was overcharged. I emailed the store with my feedback. After a couple of days, I get a phone call about the email and was asked to call back. So yesterday I did. The manager assistant who I spoke with was really nice. She understood what went wrong, heard me out and offered me a $20.00 giftcard. How nice is that? Now I don't encourage you all to complain haha. But if something like this ever does happen to you, email the store with your feedback. After all, I know their customer service will improve. I havent gone back since this day. So I guess I'll just have to wait and see tomorrow when I go pick up my giftcard!

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