Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to start couponing?

Many of us, including me, began asking the first question when thinking about couponing for the first time, "Where do I get coupons," "How do I start," "What do I need and need to know about couponing," and so on. First and foremost where to get coupons. I began buying the L.A. Times every Sunday ofcourse for $1.50. As time went by I kept noticing it was getting too expensive especially because I was only buying the paper for the coupons. I really didn't care for the newspaper itself at all only the coupons. So I started looking on ebay. There I found better deals. About 1 week ago I bought (5) inserts for as low as $4.99 plus shipping and handling. If I would have bought 5 newspapers it would have cost me $7.50 plus tax. Even though I only saved about $2.51 believe me, it was worth it. I also like clipping services like, they have inserts from the beginning of this year and they also markdown coupons. I havent bought from them yet but maybe one day I will. You can also print coupons the following list are sites that offer coupons online:,,,,, As you see almost every retailer offers online printable coupons. And don't forget target allows a combination of their target coupons with a manufacture coupon for even more savings. Next is how to get organized.  At first I was very unorganized and had coupons all over the place. I would put them in envelopes, in a coupon pouch, in my wallet, you name it. It was very frustrating and I just couldnt deal with that anymore. So I did what everyone eles was doing, I found a binder that was laying around in my closet since my college days, brand new ofcourse and headed out to the dollar store to buy baseball trading card protectors, or what others call plastic baseball card holders. At my dollar store the packet comes in 10 sheets for $1.00. Ive gone to Staples, Target and Walmart where I thought I'd find them cheaper but to be honest Dollar Tree had the best deal. With that said, I bought 10 packets that day and started clipping all my inserts. I began organizing my coupons into the slots by category. Foods in the front and non-foods in the back. I spent over 40 hours doing this. I kid you not. It took me almost a month to finish the whole thing. I also have work and other things I needed to do so I couldnt put much time into it as I wanted to. That was how I ended up with this....
This is the 2in binder I carry with me everywhere I go. I am starting to think I need a second binder. Its alot of time up front. If I can do it, so can you!

So now that you know the basics read my next post to know more about couponing.

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