Saturday, May 7, 2011

CVS trip for week 5/1-5/7

I did pre-tty well at cvs this week that I was even surprised at my total! As I walked in I thought to myself, well since its the middle of the week already I assumed that greedy lady out there cleared the shelfs...well I was wrong! Here I grabbed:
*NOTE*- I did use an extrabuck I had been saving for $7.99 which will also help my total go down

(4) Tide Stain Relases-$3.99 each = $15.96 total
(2) Colgate maxifresh toothpast- $2.77 each =5.54 total PLUS $2.77 extra bucks limit 2
(1) Aquafresh Kids toothbrush - $1.00 (I had a raincheck for these when they were on sale for $1.00 about 2-3 weeks ago)

Total before coupons- $22.50
Total after coupons- $0.01
And I got $5.54 back in extrabucks for my next visit!

Yes I said it... $0.01 cent =)

Now you're probably wondering where I grabbed my coupons from well don't forget I did have an extra buck for $7.99. I had grabbed 4 newspapers this past Sunday and in the P&G insert was a coupon for the Tide Stain Release for $3.00 off. For the colgate coupon I had found those in the inserts from 2 weeks ago. and for the aquafresh I had also found it in the redplum from 2 weeks ago. Because remember last Sunday there were no inserts because it was a holiday.!

In conclusion I saved about $22.49 and I only paid $0.01 cent. Making each item close to nothing. I can't wait until next weeks cvs deals!

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