Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What to do with your coupon scrap paper AND how to save paper plus time!

We all know that sometimes plain white printer paper can become very expensive now and days especially if you print out alot of coupons from online like I do. So we tend to crumble them up in a ball and toss the scrap paper away. Some of us recycle it annnd others dont, guilty! Here are some ways to actually save paper and use them wisely!

A) Use you scrap paper and make it your grocery/household list. Here You can see I folded the paper in half and wrote down a few stores. Next to it I can write down what I plan to buy at each store OR write down a price that I plan to spend. You don't have to make it your list, you can also use this as an arts and crafts with your children. Draw cartoons, make airplans, draw a picture or simply write the words, "COUPONS RULE." *just saying, =)*

There are ofcourse alot of other ways to save your scrap paper. But one suggestion I love to tell my family and friends is ALWAYS try using This site lets you pick as many coupons as you want and the best part is coupon print in multiples all in one page. Not only saving you printer paper, but also saving your time. Another thing with coupon sites is that some tend to print an advertisment along with your coupon. I hate this so much because it wastes my ink. And you know THAT hardly comes with a coupon! So I usually keep an eye out at the bottom of my printer where my coupon comes out and if I notice that my coupon has been printed but an advertisment is printing along with it, I push the "Cancle" button on my printer and prevent from it printing. Then I usually flip the paper over and use the other side and print another coupon out. Again, saving time and paper. Hope this helps some of you online couponers who love printing coupons out!

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